Where is the Accessories Folder in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a new look and a lot of new features. However, you might be wondering where the classic Accessories folder is at. Here’s how to find it.

Windows 10 has a new look and a lot of new features, with more on the way. However, if you’ve recently upgraded from Windows 7 to 10, you might be wondering where the Accessories folder is hiding.

The Accessories folder contains traditional apps like Paint, Notepad, Sticky Notes, Steps Recorder, Snipping Tool, and others.

However, getting there isn’t as easy as opening the Start menu and scrolling down to the folder. In this new version of the OS, Microsoft has renamed the folder to “Windows Accessories”.

Find Accessories Folder Windows 10

There are a couple of ways to find it in the Start menu. Hit the Windows key and type: accessories or windows accessories. Surprisingly, you may find that the folder isn’t listed under the Best Match category.

best match

If that happens, select the folder icon at the top which are advanced search filters that improve the search experience so you can drill down specific items that you need.

accessories result search

Click on the result and the items in the Accessories folder will open in File Explorer.

accessories file explorer

Accessories Folder on Start Menu

You can also find the Accessories folder on the Start menu like you’re accustomed to seeing. Open the All apps list in the Start menu. Then select “W” to find apps by the first letter in Windows 10.

Search letter

There you go! It should be among the first folders listed. Also, note that you’ll find other traditional system utilities you might have thought vanished like the Windows Administrative Tools folder.

accessories on Start

If you have been a long time user of Windows 7, you should find the transition to be relatively smooth. However, you might need a bit of help along the way in finding what you need.

For example, make sure to read our article: How to Find Control Panel and Other Familiar Windows 7 Tools.

For additional help with Windows 10 or further in-depth discussions and news, make sure to join our Windows 10 Forums, it’s free to join!



  1. Dennis  

    Nothing in the article works in my Win 10!

  2. Dennis  

    There is no ‘All apps’ in my Start menu only ‘Apps’ but I do I have ‘Sticky Keys’. Accessories are nowhere to be found, as yet anyway.

  3. Dennis  

    Sorry I meant Sticky Notes in my start menu. I can get these pinned to the Start menu as they can be got from the Start search box, but not Accessories.

  4. Ziggy  

    You can also create a shortcut on your desktop using the following:-

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories

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