Use Steps Recorder in Windows 8.1 to Troubleshoot PC Issues

First introduced in Windows 7, Problem Steps Recorder is still in Windows 8, and helps your computer support geeks to troubleshoot and fix your computer.

A useful utility introduced in Windows 7 that allowed users to get help solving issues on their system is Problem Steps Recorder (PSR). It still exists in Windows 8.1 and has been rebranded to simply Steps Recorder. PSR is often overlooked but benefits the support geeks who provide tech support.

Using Steps Recorder in Windows 8

To launch PSR, use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Q to bring up Apps search and type: record steps and select the Steps Recorder icon under the results.

Launch PSR

That will launch the Steps Recorder on your desktop. Hit the Start Record button, and go through the steps to reproduce the problem you’re having.

Steps Recorder

When you’re done click Stop Record. The cool thing about PSR in Windows 8 is it records steps and screens in both the desktop and modern environments. This is great because often times you’re kicked into the new UI, and I’ve seen several users have confusion with this.

Stop Recording

Then a file is generated that shows a screenshot of each of the actions you took. Like each time you open a programs or open a new window or file. Then you can simply email it to your computer support person or help desk.

Screenshots in Report

Once your support person gets the report. They have several options to review what the problem might be.


They’re also able to get detailed information that might not mean anything to you, but will allow your support to fix the issue.

Additional Details

If you do tech support for friends and family, keep in mind that the Steps Recorder utility can save you a lot of time and hassle when trying to figure out what the problem is.

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