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Welcome to groovyPost: tech made simple. groovyPost was founded in 2007 as a tool for founder Steve Krause to record and share the geeky tools, services, and gadgets that kept him awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Frustrated by websites and forums filled with more ads than content and site navigation as confusing as the Tokyo subway system, Steve vowed to keep groovyPost easy to understand and navigate. At the same time, he wanted the site to offer authentic, helpful content to ensure readers can make the most of their computers, smartphones, and other gadgets.

Ownership, Funding, and Advertising

groovyPost is owned and operated by groovyPost LLC, a Washington state company. Most of its revenue comes from programmatic advertising provided by a well-respected third-party ad platform that is a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner.

As a result, the editorial staff at groovyPost are in no way influenced by direct sales opportunities with advertisers or brands. Furthermore, our editors and writers have no involvement in the programmatic advertising business. Therefore, they remain unbiased and independent of any significant revenue-generating activity associated with the site.

The editorial staff remains separate from the ad experience, and any advertisements you might see do not reflect the views of or represent an endorsement by our writers and editors. Furthermore, the advertisements displayed on the site are in no way allowed to impact our coverage.

If at any time our sales team closes an affiliate partnership, sponsorship, or specific advertising campaign associated with the site’s content, such articles will be clearly labeled as such with a disclaimer.

Furthermore, the editorial team at groovyPost maintains relationships with major brands, manufacturers, and other partners. From time to time, these relationships can result in exclusive content. However, the editorial staff adheres to a thorough ethics policy, ensuring objectivity and limiting the influence of such partnerships.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help make tech as simple as you need it to be. We strive to inform our readers, engage them, and tell them what they want to know, need to know, and especially the things they never knew they needed to know. Our goal is to make sure your reading experience is enjoyable and educational, whether you’re learning deep troubleshooting of a problem or how to use a cool feature on your smartphone.

Fact-Checking and Accuracy

Before anything is published at groovyPost, at least one editor reviews it thoroughly for inaccuracies or mistakes. We aim to make sure everything we publish is accurate and up-to-date, whether it’s a news article, a how-to, or a product review.

When developing an article for groovyPost, our editorial staff draws upon research and personal experience at all times. Troubleshooting steps and instructions are checked and double-checked by the writer and then checked again by the editor.

We illustrate our content with images and screenshots we create ourselves. This way, you can be certain that everything we tell you and show you is as accurate as possible at the time of writing.

It doesn’t end there, though. Our editorial staff frequently revisits older articles to keep them up-to-date. When screens, menus, or steps change, we refresh the article to keep it up-to-date.

Ethics Policy

Ensuring the truthfulness and precision of our content is just the beginning. The editorial staff at groovyPost also deeply considers the broader context in which we live. Our editorial team prioritizes fairness in our writing. We don’t merely narrate how to do something; we contextualize it, ensuring our reader grasps the full scope. We diligently consider how our content might be perceived by those with differing viewpoints, not solely how we mean for it to be interpreted.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Our goal is to steer clear of any potential conflicts of interest in our writing and editing, even if they are not actual or apparent. If we receive free products or exclusive access to something we’re writing about, we openly disclose that.

groovyPost does not accept any form of compensation, whether monetary or not, for product reviews. This policy ensures our reviews remain unbiased and objective, serving our readers with trustworthy and unbiased evaluations.

Content Varieties

Any and all editorial insights, such as product reviews, are clearly marked as such to distinguish them from other content. Moreover, we utilize clear disclosure statements to openly inform our audience when articles feature affiliate links or may be sponsored in other ways.

Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to maintaining a diverse team of writers and editors at groovyPost. The idea is to reflect a multitude of views and insights on the technology and other topics we cover.

Corrections Policy

At the end of the day, every member of the editorial team is still human. Humans do, from time to time, make mistakes. When we learn that we’ve made a mistake or missed some detail, we revisit the relevant article to correct it and avoid the further spread of any misinformation.

When an article is updated, the heading is changed to reflect the date it was last changed. This way, our readers can quickly tell how long ago the content was reviewed and changed.

If you find an error in one of our articles, you can contact us by email at tips@groovypost.com or by phone at (425) 200-4420.

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