What is the Microsoft Store App on Windows?

If you’re new to Windows 10 you might be wondering about the Microsoft Store app. Here is a look at what it is as well as the digital and hardware items it offers.

The Microsoft Store is an app on Windows 10 and Windows 11 that allows you to install apps and games and purchase digital media and Microsoft devices. You might not even know there is a Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11. In Fact, when we asked our readers about the Store, very few of you have used it. But it has gone through several revisions over the years as the OS has matured. If you are new to Windows 10 or haven’t opened it for a while, here is a look at what it has to offer.


The Apps section is where you will find free and paid UWP apps designed for the Windows 10 experience. There are apps in every category, from productivity to entertainment and everything in between. You can find apps by category, bundles, app specials, or search for a specific name. There are more than just UWP apps, too. For example, you can install the desktop version of iTunes from the store.

Microsoft Store Apps

Movies & TV

With Microsoft joining Movies Anywhere, this section of the store became much more appealing. Previously, when you purchased a movie from Microsoft, you could only watch it from Windows 10 or an Xbox console. Now, you can find deals on movies and shows from Microsoft and then watch them on virtually any device. This includes Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more. Or vice-versa. Any title you buy from Amazon or Google, for example, will show up in your collection on Windows 10 and Xbox.

Microsoft Store Movies TV

You can also use the Movies & TV app to download titles for offline viewing. And you can browse for content through the same app. But to purchase or rent, it needs to be done through the Store. For more on the process of buying content, check out our article: How to Rent or Purchase Movies or TV from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

Microsoft Store - Deadpool 2 Purchase Example


Whether you’re looking for a simple free time-killing game or a full-on GPU-burning Xbox title, you will find it here. Just like apps, you can browse by title, free, top games, bundles, Xbox Live games, and more. In fact, if you are a rabid Xbox gamer, this is where you can get your copy of Xbox Play Anywhere titles. Those are titles that you can play on your Xbox or Windows 10 PC and pick up where you left off on either device.

Microsoft Store Games

Edge Extensions

When Microsoft first launched Windows 10 with its new Edge browser, it didn’t support extensions. The company eventually added extension support and put them in the Store app to download from. However, with Microsoft rebuilding Edge on Chromium, getting extensions will most likely start happening via the browser. But that remains to be seen. It might be via the online version of the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Edge Extensions


If you’re looking for a new PC, you might want to check out the Devices section in the Microsoft Store. There, you can find the company’s own line of Surface devices and PCs and accessories from other manufacturers. In addition, you can shop for other Microsoft products like Xbox One bundles and even branded clothing. From time to time, there are deals on PCs and accessories that you won’t see elsewhere.

Microsoft Store Devices

Settings and More

When you click on the Settings (three dots) button, you can get updates, view your content library, redeem codes, change settings and payment options, access your Microsoft account, and more. One thing you might want to do off the bat is to turn off video autoplay. While you’re browsing movies and games, trailers will play at the top of by default. Settings also allow you to require a sign-in to purchase media, and you can disable auto-update for apps.

Microsoft Store Settings, Downloads, Updates Screenshot

The Store Evolves

A couple of the sections of the Store app no longer exist. For example, Microsoft added its eBooks section to Windows 10 Creators Update back in 2017. However, the eBooks were not cross-platform, and you could only read them using Microsoft Edge. Therefore, the Books category was removed on April 2nd, 2019. The company used to have a Music section, too. However, Microsoft killed its Groove Music subscription service on January 31st  2018.

The store will undoubtedly continue to change moving forward, with new sections being added or removed. For example, it might be the place where you’ll find Chromium Edge extensions or certain Progressive Web Apps in the future. Still, while you might not use it a lot, it’s worth a look, as you might be surprised at what you find. Plus, Microsoft is always putting on sales for digital items and hardware.

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