How to Rent or Purchase Movies or TV from Microsoft Store on Windows 10

If you recently moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you’ll notice that there are a lot of exciting new apps and features available. One of those is the Movies & TV universal app. Here’s a look at what it is, the features it contains, and how to rent or purchase a movie (or TV show) and watch it on any of your Windows 10 devices.

The timing of this article is to coincide with Microsoft’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals that gives you quality movie rentals for only 10 cents each day from the Windows 10 Store.

Update: It’s also worth mentioning that Microsoft has partnered with Movies Anywhere. This allows you to not only watch your films and TV shows on your PC, but also sync the titles to Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and other devices.

Using the Windows 10 Movies or TV App

Launch the Windows Store and either select a featured movie or search for the one you want. For this article, I’m going to use the classic Office Space since I can’t get enough about TPS Reports.

1 Search for Movie

In addition to reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, you can watch a trailer for the movie, and there click to rent or buy it in high or standard def.

2 Synopsis ratings

Scroll down a bit and you can look at the cast and crew and see other related movie suggestions.

3 cast and crew and more

When you click on any of the actors, you’ll be brought to another page that shows all of the movies or TV shows they have starred in. For example, here I selected Jennifer Aniston and got the list shown below.

4 Jennifer Aniston

After deciding to rent or purchase a movie or TV show, you’ll need to choose whether you want to stream or download it. You’ll need to decide this based on your connection speed. Or, maybe you want to download the flick if you’re heading on a trip where there is no internet connectivity.

7 stream or download

Next, you’ll be asked to reenter your Microsoft account password. After signing in, you’ll get an option to have Windows remember your password, so you don’t have to sign in each time.

Using this option is a time saver if you’re the sole owner of your PC. However, on a shared family computer, you probably don’t want to use it.


The next step is to select your payment method. Here you can use your Microsoft account that provides Bing Rewards when using Bing as your default search engine. There are several offers when using Bing, including one we covered previously: Get Ad-free by Using Bing Rewards.

pay method

That’s it. It’s worth noting that Microsoft only allows 14 days to watch the movie from the rental date, and only 24 hours to finish it once you’ve started.

rent movie

Watch Your Movie and TV Collection on Windows 10 Devices

Now you’re ready to watch your movie or TV show. Open the built-in Movies & TV app and navigate to your library.

Your movies or TV shows (and other Windows Store items, i.e. games or music) will be available on all of your devices running Windows 10, too. You can watch them on your PC or tablet, Windows 10 Phone, or updated Xbox One.

move and tv app windows 10

Example of playing a rented movie from Windows Store on Xbox One with NXOE

At the time of this writing, you’ll only be able to watch your videos on other Windows 10 devices. Unlike Microsoft’s Groove Music which is available on Android and iOS, the Windows & TV app isn’t.

You can access the movies and TV store via the web. If you log in, you can access your movie and TV collection, but there isn’t a web player yet. When you try to play content from the internet, you’ll be prompted to open the Movies & TV app.

12 Microsoft movies and tv web



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    I downloaded a free sample clip which plays in the Movies & TV app on my computer but the “cast to device” does not work. Do you need an HDMI connection? I use the Ethernet connection to send video to my TV.

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