Download and Store Movies from Windows 10 Movies & TV App

While streaming movies and TV shows is great, sometimes you’ll need to download a movie or TV show you purchased from Microsoft for offline viewing.

Since Microsoft and Movies Anywhere have joined forces, the Movies & TV app on Windows 10 is much more attractive. It gives you another viable option for purchasing digital movies. Before the partnership, the movies you bought from Microsoft could only be viewed on Windows 10 devices. But now, movies you buy from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, or Vudu will all sync in a central cloud-based digital locker.

While this allows you to view movies on different devices, sometimes you want a movie handy for times when you’re offline. And Microsoft allows you to download movies you’ve purchased. Here is a look at how to download your purchased movies and manage where they are stored.

Download Purchased Media on Windows 10

To download the movies and TV shows you’ve bought, open the Movies & TV app and open the Purchased section. That’s where you’ll find all the movies and TV shows you bought from Microsoft. Here you will also find all eligible movies synced with Movies Anywhere.  Click on the movie you want to download, and on the following screen, click the Download button below the description.

Then choose the quality you want to download. Obviously, if drive space is a concern, you’ll want to download the lower resolution version. It’s worth noting that with Movies Anywhere, you can download movies bought from another store to your Windows PC — which is part of its appeal.

To remove a downloaded movie or TV show, click the title and click the “Remove download” button below the description.

Change Where Downloaded Movies are Stored

Your downloaded movies are stored on your local drive by default. But you might want to change that behavior, especially if you have a low capacity drive. You can change it, so they download to an external drive or network drive. To do that, open the Movies & TV app and go into Settings and click “Modify your storage settings” from the menu.

The Settings app will launch and bring you to the Storage section. From here, choose “Change where new content is saved” under the More storage settings section.

On the next screen, you can change where various media and other items are saved. The “New movies and TV shows will save to” and choose the drive you want and then click Apply.

While this article focuses on downloading movies to your Windows 10 device, you can also download TV shows you purchased from the Microsoft Store. Just follow the same steps as you would with a movie. And when it comes to having video content available on your Windows 10 PC while you’re offline, remember that you can download Netflix films and TV, too.



  1. Travis

    And what do I do when there’s no download button?

  2. Ed Lander

    It’s definitely worth clarifying that even though you can download the movies, they are DRM protected, so will only play using Microsoft’s Films & TV App, and only on a device where you have authenticated the purchase (through the Microsoft Store).

    I wouldn’t exactly call these ‘purchases’ … more accurately long term rentals (until these services cease to be maintained).

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