Thankfully, Microsoft is Slowing Windows Copilot Development

Microsoft is going to finally pause its roll-out of the AI Copilot experience in Windows builds. This is welcome news for users.

Microsoft announced it is pausing the testing of its Copilot AI on Windows 11. This is a great step for users in the Windows Insider program.

The Copilot AI experience on Windows has gone through several iterations and differs depending on whether you are on the Canary, Dev, or Beta channel. One particularly annoying feature is having Copilot start when you sign in.

Luckily, if Copilot annoys you, you can disable Copilot on Windows 11 and remove it from Microsoft Edge. Just so you know, this doesn’t uninstall the AI app; it just gets it out of your way. This is especially helpful if you use Edge on your phone or tablet.

The good news is that Microsoft listened to Insiders and decided to pause Copilot based on the user feedback it received.

Microsoft explains, “We have decided to pause the rollouts of these experiences to further refine them based on user feedback. Copilot in Windows will continue to work as expected while we continue to evolve new ideas with Windows Insiders.”

It would be nice if Microsoft made it an opt-in app that people can use if they want. Few people appreciate new features like Copilot being forced experiences requiring you to close before working on your files.

Starting with preview build 22635.3570, you can launch the Copilot icon from the lower right corner of the screen. This is a small but better change where you can click the icon to launch Copilot. Also, the icon will still have the “Pre” label while the development team continues working on it.

Of course, this is all happening in the Insider preview builds. We expect the company will make further changes during development. However, the fact that the development team is listening to user feedback is a positive development.

Microsoft’s Build conference begins on May 21, 2024, and execs will host a press event discussing the future of AI in Windows. Of course, this will include the future of Copilot in Windows and where it plans to make further development steps.

Microsoft will undoubtedly discuss the future of the Copilot experience at the Build conference as it plans to move forward with the AI feature in Windows 11. But for now, you can rest easy knowing that Copilot in your Insider builds won’t change—at least for now.

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