What Does LMAO Mean and How Do I Use It?

The term LMAO has more than one meaning, although you probably already know the most popular. Here are the others you can tryout with your friends.

One of the funniest internet abbreviations you can use will probably make those in the conversation or reading your post online “LOL.” Here’s what you need to know about “LMAO” and what makes it special.

What Does “LMAO” Mean?

The term means “laughing my ass off,” and it’s typically seen in messaging apps such as Telegram, Messages, WhatsApp, and on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The abbreviation is almost certainly limited to use with family and friends and not in the workplace. It’s used as a reaction to something said by someone else in a text or social network and is textspeak for “that was funny” or “that really made me laugh.” It doesn’t literally mean you’ve laughed your bottom off.

Similar cyber speak includes LOL (“laugh out loud”) and ROTFL (“rolling on the floor”). There’s also LMFAO, or “laughing my freaking ass off.”


LMAO has been around since the 1990s, like most internet slang terms. Early adopters of online communication used it. It can be used upper or lowercased, with neither way better than the other. Pick the version you’re most comfortable using.


Here’s a few examples of the term being used:

  • That’s one funny puppy! LMAO!
  • OMG, dat joke w/ tiger, lmao.
  • I can’t lmao, I gotta work.
  • Always easier to lmao than work, friend.

Other Meanings

There are other meanings for LMAO floating around the internet, which some cruder than others. Among the more tamed ones are Leave Me Alone Okay, Lick Me All Over, Let’s Make Another Offer, and Laughing My All Out. There’s also Let Me Ask Obama and Lamenting My Anguish Online.

There are countless texting abbreviations. We’ll be covering more of these here at groovyPost, so keep coming back. Those we have already covered include the previously mentioned: CU, TTYLTL;DR, and BIAB.

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