What Does TBF Mean and How Do I Use it Online?

Have you used the internet term, “TBF”? You may want to when playing devil’s advocated or at times when you need to defend yourself.

Our latest internet abbreviation is used on social networks and messaging services. Here’s what you need to know about “TBF and what makes it unique.

What Does “TBF” Mean?

The term means “to be fair.” It’s often used in a discussion by someone who’s playing devil’s advocate about something. You might also want to use the term to defend yourself against an unfair claim. It’s also a quick way of asking for someone to see both sides of a picture. Regardless, my using TBF, you’re admitting the point that’s been made, but you also want to make sure every angle is taken into account or considered.

“To Be Fair” is an old term. And yet, like many others, it was shortened in the 1990s and early 2000s as the internet’s popularity exploded. As a result, you’ll see “TBF” used all over online, from chat rooms to social networks to messaging apps.

Similar slang terms include “TBH” or “to be honest,” “TBFH,” or “to be fu**ing honest.” You must also see “TBTF,” which means “To be totally fair.”


Here are two examples of the term being used in conversation:

  • Tammy: “I totally messed up the English test on Tuesday.”
  • Greg: “TBF, you didn’t even study.”
  • Stu: “My football team is much better than yours.”
  • Chip: “TBF, my team already beat yours this season.”

Here’s how some folks are using the term on Twitter:


Other Meanings

There are many alternative meanings to the term TBF, including To Be Fair, Try but fail, To be freaky, Telepathic best friend, Throwback Friday, and Turbo blazing fast. You must also see it to represent Tampa Bay, Florida, or The Boston Foundation.

There are countless texting abbreviations. We’ll be covering more of these here at groovyPost, so keep coming back. Those we have already covered include the previously mentioned: CU, TTYLTL;DR, and BIAB.

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1 Comment

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