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How To Check Your Version of Windows 7 or Vista

When installing a new program or requesting technical support, it’s handy to know what version of Windows you’re running.  The only problem is, just finding that out is a tech support issue in itself.  Someone at Microsoft must have forgotten to include a way to do this or at least felt like hiding it. While […]

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A free windows only photoshop alternative, Paint.NET

Paint.NET 3.5 Released – A Free Alternative to Photoshop

After more than a year under development, one of my favorite applications Paint.NET has received a major upgrade.  The very popular and FREE image editing application Paint.NET Version 3.5 has been released and made available for public download.  Version 3.5 of Paint.NET is a significant upgrade and includes major bug and stability updates as well […]

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Google Webmaster Tools / Central Logo

How-To Increase Google SEO for Videos

Today Google began the first in a series of articles talking about how you can increase your Video’s ranking in Google Search.  In the past, they focused on the importance of submitting a Video Sitemap or mRSS Feed and today they announced support for FaceBook Share and Yahoo! SearchMonkey RDFa.   This ranking process is […]

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10 Ways to Improve Performance on a Windows PC

A common question I receive via email (I get A LOT of emails so, please be patient I DO answer every email I receive) is “How can I speed up my computer?”  I also get the question regularly from my younger nephews and nieces “MrGROOVE, MrGROOVE! Make my video games go faster!!” Ok, I made […]

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Customize Microsoft Command Prompt Window

Earlier in the Week, a reader asked how I customized the colors in my Microsoft Command Prompt/Shell (also known as CMD.exe) or Window <funny, I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and I don’t know what it’s called lol>.  The process is super easy and hasn’t changed as far back as I can remember so […]

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