Use the Math Solver Tool in Microsoft Edge to Solve Complex Math Equations

One of the new features in Microsoft Edge is called Math Solver. It allows you to copy and solve complex equations or type them in yourself. Here’s how to use it.

One of the new features coming to the Microsoft Edge browser is Math Solver. The feature allows you to solve math problems using the browser. It’s currently accessible on the Dev Insider build. But you can also use it on the stable version. All you need to do is enable a flag and start using it. Here’s a look at how to enable and use the Math Solver feature on Edge.

Math Solver allows you to take a picture of a math problem (handwritten or printed) and provides an instant solution with step-by-step instruction on figuring it out. The free services let you get help with a wide range of math concepts like algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, calculus, and more.

Enable Math Solver on Microsoft Edge

The tool is available on the current and stable version of Edge, but you need to enable a hidden flag first. To do that, launch Edge and enter the following path into the address bar:


Set the “Math Solver in Microsoft Edge” flag to Enabled from the dropdown menu. Then for the change to take effect you’ll need to relaunch the browser by clicking the Restart button at the bottom.

enable math solver flag

Next, to launch the tool, you need to click the Settings and more (three dots) button in the upper-right corner. Then go to More tools > Math Solver from the menu.

Launch Math Solver

Or, to show the Math Solver button on the toolbar, go to Settings > Appearance and toggle on the “Show Math Solver button” switch.

show math solver button Edge

Then the Math Solver button will display on the toolbar for easier access.

Math Solver button

Use Math Solver on Microsoft Edge

Head to a website or pull up a PDF where you have mathematical problems to figure out. Here I am using a PDF of algebra equations. Click the Math Solver button on the toolbar.

Now you have a couple of different options. You can select an equation from the page or type in an equation. First, let’s look at selecting an equation from the page. Click on the Select match problem button.

select math problem

Drag the cursor to select the equation and then click the Solve button that pops up.

drag and solve

An instant solution is provided on the right-hand column along with some extra helpful features. You can get step-by-step guidance using different problem-solving methods. Select the problem-solving method and then click Show solution steps.


In addition to providing problem-solving methods, you can scroll down and click on a recommended video that can help you even more. It can also provide learning resources like quizzes and worksheets. There are also some social media links to share the solution with others.

recommended videos

Manually Type in Your Math Problem

In addition to selecting math problems, there is also the ability to type in an equation manually. Just click the Type math problem button.

Type Math Problem Edge

That brings up a digital keyboard on the side panel to type in the equation you need to solve.

Digital Keyboard

Just like with copying an equation, when you get the solution, it provides steps involved for learning more. It’s like your math teacher always requiring you to: “Show your work.”

Math Solver Edge

This new tool is helpful for students and others to better understand complex math problems. Of course, you can use it for simple arithmetic as well.

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