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How To remove the overlay arrow from windows 7 shortcuts

How To Remove Windows 7 Shortcut Icon Arrow Overlay

Referring to the arrow overlay on all shortcut icons in Windows 7, recently groovy reader and contributor Beyond_Life asked “how do I get rid of that?” While the arrow is useful for differentiating between a shortcut and an application or file, since you don’t put shortcuts anywhere except the Desktop or Start menu it isn’t […]

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How To change the product Key for Office 2010

How To Change Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys

Microsoft Office 2010 requires a valid Product Key in order to function after the trial period expires.  When you run multiple machines at work or otherwise, you may find yourself in need of changing the keys.  Unfortunately, Microsoft Office doesn’t install a tool for doing this, but the using the installer we can get around […]

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flushdns in ipconfig

How To Flush The DNS Cache In Windows 7

A Domain Name System (DNS) is the database of web addresses and what IP address they correlate to.  When your internet browser resolves one of these addresses, Windows stores that data in a cache to improve performance the next time you visit the said domain name.  This works out to your benefit most of the […]

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Android 4.3 TRIM support

How-To Mute Android Calls By Shaking Your Phone

Have you ever been in the middle of an important meeting and had your phone go off?  Maybe you were in class or a movie and forgot to turn your phone on silent and RING RING, interrupted everyone in the room with that annoying ringtone you just assigned to your girlfriend or manager…  Anyway, good […]

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