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Moving Install to another directory

How to Move a WordPress Installation to a New Directory

I’m a compulsive re-organizer. Every now and then, I just completely re-arrange my office furniture to shake things up. Same goes for my WordPress blog location. Recently, I moved my WordPress blog from to It was relatively easy. But there are some important steps you should remember when moving WordPress sites to a […]

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unlink google and youtube

How To Unlink Your Google and YouTube Accounts

YouTube has two options for logging in, you can use either a YouTube account, or a Google account (the same one used for Gmail and other Google services).  Even further, if you login from a pure YouTube-only account, Google will practically force feed you the option to link your existing YouTube account to a Google […]

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Why is C: the first letter in my list of drives?

Why Are The A & B Drives Not Used By Windows?

This post may be a bit more nostalgic than useful, but it does answer a question that I’m sure that many new computer users have wondered at one time or another.  When you buy a brand new PC, you’ll notice that C:, your primary disk drive, is always the first letter listed under your Computer.  […]

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How To Convert Word 2010 Tables to Text

Did you know Word 2010 has a single click feature that converts Tables to Text?  Don’t feel stupid if you didn’t.  Microsoft Office / Word 2010 is packed full of so many features, everyday I’m still finding things I never even knew existed.  Anyway, let’s take a look at this quick tip in Word starting […]

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