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How To Export Delicious Bookmarks to HTML or XML

After hearing the news about Yahoo’s new plans to shutdown or sell the social bookmarking site,, many users have already begun a mass exodus.  The problem for many people, myself included is that Delicious is where I’ve saved 100’s of my favorite web pages and losing them could be devastating.  I’m happy to report […]

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How To Enable Aero Peek for All Tabs in Google Chrome

Earlier, grooveDexter showed you How To Enable Aero Peek for Firefox tabs, a much appreciated fix that lets you see previews of all of your open tabs by mousing over the Firefox tab in the Windows 7 taskbar. For Google Chrome, enabling Aero Peek previews for all tabs makes even more sense—especially as Google attempts […]

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Google Voice Ports Numbers

How to Block Calls with Google Voice

If you read my earlier post lamenting the onslaught of random callers with the wrong number dialing me on my iPhone, you’ll already know that the methods for blocking calls with the iPhone for free are only semi-satisfying at best. This is yet another reason why you should seriously switch to Google Voice, especially now […]

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Pulse How-To Review

How To Add Sources to Pulse News for iOS and Android

Pulse from Alphonso Labs is seriously on to something. As someone who gave up on RSS readers years ago (my unread count in Google Reader was too overwhelming and depressing), Pulse has me ready to get back into RSS feeds.  When it comes to communicating how Pulse reinvents the humdrum RSS reader, a picture speaks […]

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