How to Forward a Text Message on iPhone

Sometimes you might want to forward a text or SMS message from the iMessage app on your iPhone to another person. Here’s how.

There might be times when you get an important text message and need to forward it to another contact. It might sound like a detailed and complex process, but it’s a piece of cake once you know how it’s done. Here’s a look at how you can do it from your iPhone using the Messages app.

Forward a Text Message on iPhone

Launch the Messages app on your iPhone. Then find the text message you want to forward to another person. Press and hold the message until you get the following menu. Click on the More option from the menu that pops up.

 iPhone iMessages More

Next, the message you choose will be selected. You can also choose other messages you want to forward to your friends if you want. When you’re ready to forward the message, tap on the arrow button on the lower-right corner of the screen.

That will bring up the “New Message” screen where you can select the contact you want to forward the message to. You can either select from one of your contacts or type in the number of the recipient manually in the “Address” field. When you are ready to send the message tap the “Send” icon…it’s the circled arrow that points upward. When you’re done tap the Cancel button.

forward imessage iphone

That’s all there is to it. Do this for any SMS text message or photo that you want to send to another person’s phone. Note that when you forward a message, only the original message body is sent. The original sender’s name is not included in the forward.

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