How to Change the Windows 10 Mail App Default Signature

The default signature in the Windows 10 Mail app is “Sent from Mail for Windows 10”. Here’s how to change it to something that is more useful.

When it comes to email apps on different platforms, each comes with its own default signature, such as Sent from iPhone, Windows Phone, or in the case of Windows 10 Mail, it’s “Sent from Mail for Windows 10.” Here’s a look at changing it to something more useful, such as your name, company, and other contact information.

Change Windows 10 Mail Signature

Open the Mail app and click or tap Settings (gear icon) > Signature.

Now in the Signature panel, you’ll see the default signature, and here you have a few options. First, use the drop-down to select the account you want to change the signature for.

Then, you can not use a signature by flipping the Use an email signature switch to Off. Or, replace the default signature and put in something more to your liking. Note that if you have multiple accounts, you’ll need to change the signature for each one. Or, if you want to use the same one for all accounts, check the box next to Apply to all accounts.


Change Windows 10 Mobile Email Signature

For Windows Phone, open the Outlook email app and go to Settings > Signature, and there you’ll be able to change the signature for each of your accounts just like on a PC.
Windows 10 Mobile

Summing Up

Unless you made a change, the Mail app is the default program for your email in Windows 10 and has several ways to customize its look and feel. If you are content with using it, one of the first things you should consider changing is the default signature.

It’s not going to give you the same type of advanced formatting options available in the full Outlook desktop app with hyperlinks, different fonts, or business cards. Still, it’s nice to know that you can change it to something else or turn it off completely.

When the iPhone started to catch on, I thought this was an arrogant and snooty signature trend. But these days, it is a common practice for services and apps on all platforms for promotion’s sake.

If you want to change the default email signature on other platforms, check out these articles:

Do you use the Windows 10 Mail app or use a different client? Let us know in the comment section below.

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