Windows Phone Tip: Change the Default Email Signature

Default email signatures on mobile devices are boring, and Windows Phone’s is no exception. Here’s how to create a custom email signature for each account.

As with all smartphones and tablets, Windows Phone comes with a generic email signature by default too. Default email signatures are boring. When iPhone first came out, the “Sent from iPhone” email signature seemed like a vanity thing. Anyway, here’s how to change the default email signature on Windows Phone 8.

The default email signature is Sent from my Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Email Signature

Custom Windows Phone Email Signature

Open your email account to the inbox view and tap the options button, and tap Settings. Then scroll down and flip the Signature switch on and type in the signature you want to use. Tap the checkmark icon to save.

Signature Settings

That’s all there is to it! Here’s a look at the and new signature.

Different Email Signatures

Note: You’ll need to change the signature for each email account you have set up on your Windows phone. It allows you to add multiple email accounts via POP, IMAP, and EAS. You can also easily add your social accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Add Accounts WP8

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  1. Pion2

    I LOVE the default signature. I just aded my name.

  2. Steve

    Unfortunately, Win 10 Mobile Outlook lacks the ability to create html email. This limitation also wrecks signatures which rely on external references to graphics and use of links to company websites. Branding is important to everyone except Microsoft and its so-called “flagship” Lumia 950 Windows 10 Mobile phone. Outlook email didn’t even “leave port.” HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

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