Outlook 2016: How To Create and Use a Signature


Adding a signature in the desktop version of Outlook hasn’t changed much over the past few versions. But, if you’re new to Outlook 2016, here’s how it’s done.

You can personalize your emails with a signature that provides essential contact information that recipients can use to engage with you. Think of it as a way of attaching a business card to every new message or reply you send. You can also have multiple signatures for different accounts. Using Outlook in Office 2016 or the Microsoft 365 suite, we will show you how to set one up.

Types of Information to Include in Your Signature

  • Social media handle, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Link to your website or blog
  • Telephone number or alternate email address

Create a Signature in Outlook 2016

First, launch Outlook 2016 then select File > Options.

Image one

Next, select the Mail tab and then Signatures.

Image two

Select New and type in a name for the signature you’re creating.

New Outlook 2016 Signature

Enter the information you would like to include with your email signature. There are plenty of formatting options there, i.e. adding links, changing fonts, adding an image.

Image three

Each time you compose a new email or reply, it will automatically add your signature.

sample 2

You can also choose your signature on the fly depending on the person you’re emailing. Just select the Message tab then click Signature from the Include group.

The process hasn’t changed much through the different iterations of Outlook over the past few years. But, if you’re new to Outlook 2016, now you’ll know how to create a quality signature, which is of particular importance in business.

If you’re running an older version of Outlook, check out one of our tutorials below for adding a signature to your version.

Or if you’re using the web version, here’s how to create a signature in (and yes, there are too many versions of Outlook.)



  1. Andrew

    Just upgraded to Outlok 2016 and my signatures are still there but only in plain text. When I try to edit them they are formatted with font and size, etc – just not in new mails or replies.

    • Rachell Well

      I have created one signature but I want to create 4, one with my full name, address & phone no. within Australia, one for international use, one for sending forwards of jokes (“please deleted all senders to avoid spam”) and another for announcing my role in a certain organisation with just a contact phone no.

      I had no problem creating a default and other signatures under my name in OUtlook Express and Windows Live Mai. but Outlook demands a different name if I want to create a new signature under my name. Why & what is the solution (if any) around this? A reply would be much appreciated,
      thank you.

      • Rachell Well

        I forgot to add I am on Outlook 2016 in Windows 10

    • Michael

      I made my signature in word then just pasted it in. works fine

  2. Gail Bebee

    My Outlook 2016 does not look like the screens you show. It seems to have much less functionality. I can only add one signature to attach to all my email addresses. Not sure what version of Outlook I have. It came with my new Acer computer.
    What do I need to do to get the version of Outlook you show?
    Any advice is appreciated.

  3. Germano Mosconi

    Thank you very much, worked perfectly (I am on Outlook 2016)

  4. Rachel Well

    I just typed a Reply above re 6 not 4 signatures,

    Rachel Well

  5. Troy Sooly

    I used ZippySig to make my signature, worked pretty well.

  6. Albert


    If you have any trouble with your signature, make it in Word first, then copy-paste it. It may not look right in the preview, so try “New Email” to see what it really looks like.

  7. Kwal

    signature does not show when sending email from word 2016 or from adobe

  8. Jean Pierre

    is it possible for outlook for Mac office 2016
    mega problem with outlook 2016 office for Mac
    text is microscopic ( some Microsoft etechicain told me zoom ( nice of him) but wont solve the problem if you zoom each of your 50 professional email IT should nbc automatic then I when to format font chose verdana regular 12 ( which I had since 2004 and 2011 versions) bUt it wont stay overtime I start again my Mac the font is microscopic ( unreadable ) at size two My clients receive my mail at size 10 or 12 but when I open their answer I see the text in size two as Microsoft as preset the size fonts in Colibri , I repeat even IF I change in the folder Format/font/ font choice verdana , style ?regular size/12 hit Ok even if I did highlight my text on my message previously to going to Format /font It just “make’ the chance for one mail at the times it is incredible that Microsoft sell a product without testing it previously

  9. Dattatraya

    I have created a signature with logo , all text are in black , its for new mail and forward option .. its working well when i create a new mail but when i go to forward my signature text color changed into blue whey ?? please suggest so my signature color not changed for forward option

  10. Laurence Mckay

    In the E-mail Signature dialog there is a section “Choose default signature”.
    Ensure that you select a signature in the “New messages” drop down.

    If this is blank or (none) then your signature will not be copied when creating new messages.

    Same goes for the “Replies/forwards:” drop down if you want your signature added to replies or forwards.

  11. Vicki Arnaud

    My logo isn’t showing up in my outgoing emails but it is there in the signature when I go look. Not sure what is wrong.

  12. Ostin

    It is not about creating email signature. Much more important thing is consistency in all email clients and devices. I recommend to use some free/paid ready to use generator like Newoldstamp or These services will help you manage your email signatures and make them working properly for Outlook

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