How to Use Private Listening Mode on Roku

One of the coolest but often forgotten Roku feature is private listening. Here’s how to use Private Listening mode on Roku.

One of the best but least known features of your Roku is called the Private Listening mode. This feature allows you to plug a headset or earbuds into the physical remote or Roku app and listen to a show’s music and dialog while everyone else in your home is sleeping.

Private listening mode is perfect for those living in an apartment to listen to shows without booming surround sound and bass that shakes the walls, floors, and ceilings.

Headphones are a perfect compromise allowing you not to disturb other people within earshot. So here’s how to use private listening mode on Roku.

Use Private Listening Mode on Roku

You can use private listening mode on the physical remote that came with the Roku itself. Just plug the included headphone into the sound jack on the side. Or, you can use the Roku app (available for Android or iOS).

Use Private Listening Mode on Roku

To set up Private Listening on Roku, do the following:

  1. Once you download the Roku App, connect your app to your Roku device of choice and follow the on-screen instructions.Roku Remote Volume Not Working
  2. Configure the remote icon using the mobile app and your Roku TV or device.Roku Remote Volume Not Working
  3. Tap the Private Listening button in the lower-right corner of the screen until it turns green. The first time you turn it on, it will explain that private listening is enabled. Tap it again to turn the feature off. The audio should begin with wired headphones, but a set of Bluetooth earbuds (or headphones) will have a slight delay before it beginnings to play audio.Use Private Listening Mode on Roku
  4. If your headphones are Bluetooth, ensure the streaming audio is correct. Tap the Settings icon at the top of the screen. Then, select Adjust audio delay from the Controls screen and follow the on-screen instructions.Use Private Listening Mode on Roku
  5. It can also help you fix any problems with out-of-sync audio. If nothing helps, you can always re-pair your headphones and Roku app.Use Private Listening Mode on Roku
  6. If you want to disconnect and use a different Roku, you can. Open Settings and tap the Switch Device. After that, connect your headphones by following the on-screen instructions. Then configure your headphones for Private Listening following the on-screen instructions.

Using Roku Features

A Roku has several features, including the Private Listening mode. It allows you to discretely listen to all the hottest action from a Star Wars or a Marvel flick without bothering other people in your household or the neighbors.

Of course, like any technology, it’s not perfect. Sometimes when it acts up, you might have to restart a Roku. There are also ways to change the volume on Roku. And if the volume isn’t working, there are different ways to fix Roku remote volume not working. And sometimes, you might need to find your Roku IP address.

It’s also important to know that you can block YouTube on Roku, and you may want to learn about deleting channels on Roku. It’s also worth noting that you access secret menus on Roku.

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