How to Block YouTube on Roku

If you’re a Roku owner, you might want to block YouTube (especially if you have young kids in the family). This guide will show you how.

You might not want your kids or other users accessing YouTube if you’re a Roku owner. There’s a lot of content on YouTube—not all of it is safe for your kids to watch on a big screen.

Roku doesn’t include an easy way to block YouTube or other channels. It doesn’t have parental control features like Apple TV, for example.

If you’re creative, however, you can block YouTube on a Roku using the Roku’s account settings menu. The process takes a few steps and requires action on the Roku device and your account from a web browser.

How to Uninstall YouTube from Roku

If you already have YouTube installed on your Roku, you’ll need to delete it first.

To delete YouTube from your Roku device:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote and highlight the YouTube channel.

How to Block YouTube on Roku

  1. Press the Star button on the remote and select Remove channel from the menu that appears.

How to Block YouTube on Roku

  1. Select Remove on the verification message.

How to Block YouTube on Roku

Add a Roku Store PIN

Now that YouTube is removed from the Roku, you’ll need to access your Roku account to add a Channel Store PIN from a web browser.

The store PIN is a piece of Roku parental controls. You can use it to prevent the installation of channels (like YouTube) and block premium channels and other purchases.

To add a PIN to the Roku Channel Store:

  1. Open a browser, navigate your Roku account page, and sign in if you aren’t already.
  2. Under the PIN preference section, click the Update button.How to Block YouTube on Roku
  3. Next, select Require a PIN to make purchases and add channels and click the Create PIN button.How to Block YouTube on Roku
  4. Type in a four-digit PIN that only you know.create PIN Roku
  5. Make sure to scroll down on the page and click the Save preferences button.
  6. Restart your Roku device by going to Settings > System > System Restart > Restart.restart Roku
  7. Now, if someone tries to install YouTube, they can find it in the Channel Store.add youtube roku
  8. However, it will require you to enter the PIN you created to install it, which effectively blocks YouTube (and any other channel) from being installed on Roku.How to Block YouTube on Roku

Using Parental Controls for The Roku Channel

It’s also worth noting that you can control the type of content someone sees on The Roku Channel. It uses MPAA and TV ratings to restrict the playback of certain content.

For example, you can set your content preferences for The Roku Channel and click Save preferences for the changes to go into effect.

Roku parental controls for YouTube Channel

This rating changes your preferences for The Roku Channel only and not for other channels you have installed. For other premium services, you’ll need to follow their respective parental controls.

For example, remember to update your parental controls on Disney+ and set up the parental controls on Paramount+.

Block YouTube and Other Channels on Roku

Want to block YouTube on Roku? While it isn’t easy, the steps above offer a workaround that will get the job done.

It’s important to remember to delete YouTube before adding a PIN. If it’s already installed on your Roku, the channel is still accessible without a PIN. Deleting it first and then following the steps above will block YouTube on your Roku device.

This method is also an excellent way to block other channels you don’t want to show up on your Roku.

If you’re new to Roku, check out how to change the volume on Roku and learn how to watch Twitch on the big screen. You might also be interested in connecting a Roku to Wi-Fi without a remote.

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