How To Download A Full Copy Of All Of Your Facebook Pictures, Videos, And Data

If you’ve been using Facebook regularly for years, don’t forget to back it up. You’ll be surprised how much data you have on the social network and might want to delete.

imageA few years ago, Facebook rolled out a feature that will allow you to download ALL of your user data. It reminds me of a lot of filing for Discovery when you are fighting a court case; you get a copy of all the dirt that the prosecution has on you. In this case, you get to see exactly what Facebook knows about you.

The process of downloading your data isn’t complicated, but just like deleting your Facebook account they’ve decided to bury the feature deep in your settings. When you download a copy of your Facebook data, it will come in a .zip formatted archive. Windows can easily extract this with its built-in software, or you can use a program like 7-zip or WinRar.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the changes of the Facebook user interface.

How To Download All of Your Facebook Data

From your Facebook account go into your Account Settings.

Then under General Account Settings, click the “Download a Copy” link.

Download Copy

On the next screen click the Start My Archive button.

You’ll get a message that the archive is requested and an email will be sent when it’s ready to download.

At this point, you will have to play the waiting game. The amount of time that Facebook takes to put together your download can vary. For some, it will be instant, but for others, it could take several hours or days. I think it may have something to do with how many videos or photos you have uploaded to your account. Just keep checking your email periodically until it shows up.

Download Requested

Eventually, the email should arrive in your inbox with the title “Your Facebook download is ready.” Click the link in your email that is provided by the Facebook team.

As is always important: Check and be sure that the link you clicked in your email really took you to With all of the Phishing scams out there, I can imagine this new download feature will start up a new chain of password stealing sites that send out copy-cat emails.

Read this article for details on how Facebook Phishing scams work and can take over your account.

facebook phishing scam protection

Then download the zip file of the data from your Facebook profile to a convenient and secure location on your computer. You’ll have to enter your password again before the download starts.

What is all this Facebook data? Check out this official Facebook site to learn everything that will be indexed and downloaded. After getting your archive, you’ll be surprised at how much of your browsing history, friend requests, and other personal information and information of your friends is included!

Here’s a look at what’s inside a Facebook archive. Notice how much information it includes. Then when you look deeper into each file, it gets even creepier.

Facebook Archive

Inside the archive, you’ll find a file called index.htm. This lets you browse through the archive in an offline webpage.

Take a second to scroll through each link on the left. You may find items with errors, like this video that didn’t download in the archive.


So, that’s all the data Facebook has on you. If that freaks you out and you’d rather not be part of the social network, check out our article: How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account.

If you want to do the same thing with Google, check out Google Takeout.



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    i find that is really easy way to download full facebook albums you want to backup and download to your computer. it enables you to download entire albums in bulk as a zip file!
    nice thing about it is that you dont need to install anything on your computer!

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    Just wondering. If I did this and then deleted my facebook would it not work anymore or would I still hae it saved on my computer even if it’s been deleted online?

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