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Google Privacy: Download Your Personal Data from Google Services

Google provides a plethora of services that include a lot of your personal data. Here’s how to download virtually all of your data offline for backup.

Open a web browser and go to Google Takeout. Then log into you Google account.

Takeout Sign in
After signing in, you’re brought to the Google Takeout page. To download everything from the services listed below, click Create Archive.


You’ll get a chart of each of the services and the total amount of space of each. Click Download.


For security purposes, you’ll need to log into your account one more time.


You’ll be brought back to the Takeout page. Click Download and the zipped archive of your data will be download to your computer.

If you don’t want to download everything, click Choose Services. Now select individual services. You’ll see a list of each service and its size. When ready, click Create Archive.


You’ll be able to return to Google Takeout and download the archive(s) for up to seven days.


Open the zipped archive and you’ll find a list of Google+ Contacts and Circles, your Google Profile, Picasa Web Albums and more.


This is a great solution if you want to download and save your data before cancelling your Google account.

Google Takeout is from Google’s Data Liberation Front.

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