How To Download and Use Your Entire Twitter History Archive

A few months ago, Twitter announced it would allow users to download an archive of their tweets. The feature has been rolling out to users over time. Here’s how to download and Use your archive.

A few months ago Twitter announced it would allow users to download all of their tweets. The feature has been rolling out to users over time, and if you have the feature, here’s how to download your archive. This gives you the ability to view your tweet history offline, and back it up for use later.

Request Twitter Archive

Log in to your Twitter account and click the gear icon then Settings.

Twitter Settings

Scroll down the list, and if the option is available for you, click the Request Your Archive button. If you don’t see it yet, no worries, it’s coming to all users, you just need to be patient.

Request Your Archive

A message will pop up letting you know the request was received. You’ll get a link emailed to you after the archive is ready.

Request Received

Download and Extract Your Twitter Archive

It can take a while to get your archive ready for you. When it is ready, you’ll get an email with a link pointing you to the file.

Twitter Archive Email

On the Twitter page, click the Download button and save the zip file to a convenient and secure location on your computer.

download Archive

Extract the zip file and you’ll notice several files, you’ll need extract them all in one folder.

Extract tweets archive

Open and View your Twitter Archive

Now, double click the index.html file to open it in IE.


Or you can right click and select Open With and choose a different browser.

Choose Different Browser

If you get a security message from IE, click Allow Blocked Content.

IE Message

Now you can view your entire Twitter History offline, going all the way back to 2007. Click the year and month to search through your tweets history. The file is easy to navigate and use.

I’m a light Twitter user, but it’s still interesting to see what I was tweeting out at different times through the years.

Offline Twitter Archive

You can search for specific terms, usernames, and hashtags using the Search field at the top.

Search Twitter Archive

It also allows you to view a specific tweet on Twitter, which is kind of cool. This makes it easy to Retweet, Reply, or Favorite some of your older posts.

View on Twitter

Your archive also contains a CSV file that you can open in Excel and create a geeky presentation of your tweets. This is actually a good option if you’re a social media manager for a company, and need to organize your tweets and keep track of them.

Tweet History CSV Excel

I just got the option to archive my tweets a couple of days ago, and it’s fun going through them. I already backed up my archive on my home server, and have started thinking of more interesting ways this could come in handy.

What about you? Do you have the option to download your Twitter archive? If so, what interesting things have you done with it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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1 Comment

  1. sebastian gomez morales  

    but it doesn’t download the photos, so, no way to navigate offline… =(

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