How to Disable Startup Screen in Office 2013

The Microsoft Office splash screen can get annoying.In Office 2010, if you want to disable it, you have to use different commands for each program. But in Office 2013, Microsoft has an option to disable it.

When you launch an Office 2013 application to create a new document, your greeted with a Start screen that shows a variety of templates. This can be annoying if you just want to get in and start a new blank document quickly.

Disable Office 2013 Startup Screen

To disable the Start screen in an Office 2013 program, open a new document, then go to File >> Options

Select General and under Start Up Options, uncheck “Show the Start screen when this application starts” then click OK. The next time you launch the program it will display a blank document.

Tip: If you don’t want to change this setting, you can use your keyboard to get to a blank document faster too. For example, if you open Word 2013, when you see the Splash Screen, hit Enter twice. This closes the splash screen and select the blank document template.



  1. Daniel

    Very nice. Thanks a lot……Daniel

    • Brian Burgess

      You bet Daniel! Getting rid of it in previous versions take a lot more hackery…not as easy as 2013. I’ve always been annoyed by Splash Screens on apps. Especially super long ones in games. I know, the app is loading up in the background, but man it’s irritating.

  2. Helen Feddema

    So what about Access 2013? It doesn’t have a checkbox for disabling its start screen. I found a Registry hack on another Website, but it didn’t work (still have the Access startup screen).

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