How To Customize Windows 8 Shutdown, Logon and Logoff Sounds

Windows 8 allows you to customize sound events, but Shutdown, Logon and Logoff are hidden. This Registry tweak brings them back in Sound options.

Windows 7 and previous versions let you easily customize the sounds played when you Logon, Logoff or Shutdown your computer. You can still do it in Windows 8, but these and other sound alerts are hidden by default. But with a simple Registry tweak, you can get them back, and customize them to your liking.

Here you can see that Windows Logon, Logoff and Shutdown Program Events aren’t listed in Sounds. After the Registry hack, you’ll see a lot more options listed.

Windows 8 Sounds Hidden

Registry Hack for Sound Events

Note: Before doing any Registry tweaking, make sure you Back it Up First!

First use the Keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R to bring up the Run line and type: regedit and hit Enter.

Regedit Run Line

Registry Editor opens up and you need to go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels under EventLabels you’ll see a list of subfolders for different sound events for Windows 8.

Registry Editor

Scroll down the list and click WindowsLogOff. In the right pane, you’ll see the key ExludeFromCPL. Double click on it and change the value to 0 and click OK.

WindowsLogon ExludeFromCPL

Repeat the exact same steps for the SystemExit and WindowsLogoff subfolders. In the end, SystemExit, WindowsLogoff and Windows Logon subfolder ExludeFromCPL key values will each be set to 0. When you’re done, close out of Registry Editor.


Customize Logoff, Logon and Shutdown Sounds

Now from the Desktop, right click the Sound icon on the Taskbar and select Sounds. Or hit Windows Key + W to bring up Setting Search and type: sounds.

Settings Search

Then select Change System Sounds under the search results.

Change System Sounds

Now you’ll see the entries in the Program Events list, and can customize them like you would in previous versions of Windows.


You can use this Registry tweak for other sounds that aren’t listed in Program Events too. If you like to customize every aspect of Windows 8, now you can – have fun!

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  1. Kodl

    I was exited, did everything, no sound at all. Used very same .wav sound as in Win7. It is sad….
    Thanx anyway

  2. hackerz uk

    It will NOT work due to the hard coding in win 8.1. I have tried several hacks or so called reg tweaks but all to no avail. It simply will not work I assure you. Until some one actually decodes the hard coded programming then, nada, nope, zilch, will work

    your friendly neighbourhood hacker

  3. Gelashvili

    Didn’t work on windows 8.1 ENT :(

    • Paul Lemonidis

      There is one way but it is not perfect. I managed to download a VB sctipt that plays the sound I want at shutdown. I then conbined it with the shutdown command in a batch file. I then created a desktop icon to call it, which I also placed on the start screen. Very amrteurish I agree but at least it works. Of course it will only work from my file and a normal shutdown from the GUI plays nothing.

  4. F8-4-Win

    It works in normal 8, but won’t work in 8.1 because it is hardcoded, although some options do work. I’ll disable fast startup.

  5. Hawk

    Did disabling fast start up help?
    If so, instructions, please. :)

  6. fuck you microsoft

    Microsoft, I’ve been sticking up for you ever since Windows 95. I even spoke up for Win98SE. I took it in the ass every time you bent me over, Microsoft. However, THIS is the final straw. What kind of asshole takes away our ability to customize our startup and shutdown sounds? This is MY fucking computer, and I’ll have it make whatever noise I want.

  7. Sarmat

    Майкрософтовские ублюдки украли наши личные стили! Хотят пидары сделать из нас одинаковых.

  8. MrDreamers

    this didn’t work on windows 8.1 any idea why?

  9. Goran

    Task scheduler is your friend. Trigger actions on logoff and log on to play sound of your choice.

  10. Kegel

    Works with Win10 Aswell…

  11. J

    Works with windows 8.1

    • J


      • J

        Working On Log On, Not On Log Off And System Exit

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