Quick Tip: Hide the Microsoft Edge Tab button in Internet Explorer on Windows 10

Tired of Edge edging in on your IE11 experience? Here’s the fix.

Microsoft would love if you put Internet Explorer in the past and started using their modern, secure and current web browser called Edge. We agree,  and we’ve even shown you how to get rid of Internet Explorer once and for all. That said, there are some obscure reasons why you might need to keep using it. And if you have, you may have noticed that Edge has a new presence in Internet Explorer. Starting with the release of Windows 10 version 1607, Microsoft added a mini tab in Internet Explorer just for Edge. It’s conveniently placed next to the new tab button. I wonder why? I am sure you have accidentally clicked on it a few times. This article will show you how to hide it.

Disable the Open Microsoft Edge Tab in Internet Explorer 11

The Microsoft Edge tab in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 is located beside the new tab button. This tab hopes to create a bit of serendipity to get users to try out Microsoft’s new web browser. Sometimes it can get in the way though.

Click the cog icon then click Internet options.

Select the Advanced tab, scroll down to Browsing then check the box Hide the button (next to the New Tab button) that opens Microsoft Edge. Click Apply then OK.

Restart Internet Explorer and you won’t see it again.

Microsoft Edge has something similar called First Run. Brian recently wrote how to disable it. Now, that wasn’t so hard.

Now for the big question, why are you still using Internet Explorer? I am curious to find out. Share your thoughts in the comments.



  1. John Perryn  

    We still use HTA (HTML Applications) and it is unclear if MSIE is required to support these.

  2. Joe  

    Banking site requires it

  3. Joe Delahaye  

    Great hint. Never thought to look in that spot . Now if only Edge would work. Starts but does not finish loading and then shuts down 🙁

  4. DebbyS  

    Thanks for the tip! If it begins to irritate me, I now know how to disappear it. I have found one or two sites so far that seem optimized for Edge, so I copied the url of one site and took it to Edge and added it to Favorites Bar. At this moment I don’t know how to get Edge to see my many, many favorites that are in IE11 (favorites I brought over from the IE11 on my Win 7 computer). I’m probably just missing how to do that. It would be nice if Edge had a “download videos” ability like Pale Moon and other browsers have. If Edge offered more and didn’t act so snooty superior “You’re stuck with me, ha!” (I’m anthropomorphizing it, I know), more people might want to explore it. Right now it is more Technical Boy than I like.

  5. Heinz  

    I’m using a nifty little program called RoboForm, Edge does not support this program, so I’m using IE, no choice here. Also miss the File Edit menu on top.

  6. Howard Bretman  

    I have lifetime paid for Roboforms 6 which works on IE11 but so far I have been unable to get it to run on edge or chrome.

  7. Steve Jerrell  

    Client still uses IE11 – until they upgrade, we have to continue to code/test for that version of IE.

  8. dstetz  

    This is not the time to get rid of IE. There are many sites that will not work correctly under Edge and that changes every time I get a new evaluation release of Windows 10.

  9. John Perryn  

    Of course IE 11 needs to be turned on in Settings…!
    Use “Turn Windows features on or off” and check the IE 11 box.

  10. robw5sjy  

    I have not found a way to save a web page with edge.

  11. Steve  

    Silverlight Internet Apps don’t run on anything but IE11. They take time and effort to transition to HTML5.

    A lot of organisations have IT standards based on the use of Internet explorer, Edge is arguably better, faster and safer but it takes time to change.

  12. david m.  

    what is the difference between edge and windows 10?

    because someone says it is better, not faster, that is to ambiguous.

    • david m.  

      thank you for correction and understanding what I really meant.

      from your reply you see nothing special.

  13. Howard Bretman  

    you are a bit confused David m. windows 10 is the operating system that gets the pc/laptop working. What you run on the pc/laptop are programs or what is now called apps. Edge is an app that operates as a browser to surf the web. I have not had a great deal of success with edge although I have tried it several times and so far have stuck to Google Chrome which is another app/browser.

  14. Anoos  

    Lots of Federal Government software requires it. So getting rid of it “once and for all” would destroy our business. There’s a couple of million reasons right there.

  15. Chris  

    Dashlane does not work in Edge. And the latest firefox is getting rid of Flash and other plugins and is causing all kinds of problems for me. . So i’m on IE now… which allows plugins, and dashlane. it’s by default, not my first choice.

  16. Winston Ling  

    Because of this reason:

    Note The Open with Explorer command doesn’t work in the Microsoft Edge browser.

  17. Kim  

    Multiple applications that I use are developed and tested to work in IE only. SharePoint is one of them.

  18. Jean Allen  

    I’m still using IE because I like the set-up of my IE page, am in my 90th year, profoundly deaf and don’t like messing around with ‘new’ stuff I don’t need or want!
    Sorry, but I use my computer for the basics: communicating, searching for directions, general information, news, recipes, weather, etc.

  19. Andy C  

    Try to copy and paste in webmail clients using edge. In gmail in takes MINUTES to get a cursor back after a paste from WITHIN an existing message, and in another client you get an entire HTML dump as well as the actual text you want to paste.

    I thought was going mad until I saw others with this same problem.

    I would prefer to use Edge but until this is fixed it is a showstopper for me. A paste in Edge should just be text, not with a HTML wrapper around

  20. keyith  

    I manage certificates, so I need to see certificate details to make sure I have the right wildcard cert bound to the sites. Edge hides this critical info from me, while IE exposes it. Like many Microsoft products of late (Apple-ification?), it seems to be meant for consumer-level users who are afraid of technical details.

  21. Stephen  

    IE11 is just fine for me… I’ve used IE & Firefox for 15 years, I don’t see why IE should suddenly be obsolete. It can be customized and “glamourized”, while Edge is so bland & neutral… it’s hard to feel some sympathy for it ! And I don’t see why Chrome seems to be so popular… I have a Gmail address and “google” away, but I won’t use Chrome… it’s not even possible to change the color of font ! Long live IE !

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