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Amazon's Penny Sale

Amazon Wireless: Smartphone Penny Sale

Amazon Wireless Beta is offering insanely cheap phones to new and upgrading Verizon Wireless customers. Some at a penny a pop.  The deal is over Monday. This link shows the dozens of phones available. Models range from high-end Android phones to a new Windows Phone 7.5 device. No deals on Apple iPhone 4S models, or […]

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iphone4 white

Sources say: White iPhone 4 Inbound

Here’s some interesting news for all of you Apple fans out there. One that also hides some not-so-pleasant info. The good news is that Bloomberg sources report a white version of the iPhone 4, Apple’s most advanced smartphone to date, will supposedly be available in a couple of weeks. This will certainly make a lot […]

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Opening Day For the Verizon iPhone

Today was the official launch for the Verizon iPhone making it available in partner stores across the U.S.  Certainly the move to a second carrier has seen a lot of hype among iPhone fans and websites alike, but just how much did that convert into actual sales?  According to the Twitter stream, lines were pretty […]

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