Amazon Wireless: Smartphone Penny Sale

Amazon Wireless Beta is offering insanely cheap phones to new and upgrading Verizon Wireless customers. Some at a penny a pop.  The deal is over Monday. This link shows the dozens of phones available. Models range from high-end Android phones to a new Windows Phone 7.5 device.

No deals on Apple iPhone 4S models, or tablets though. There are dozens of smartphones available at the penny rate — too many to list here — but there’s a catch.

Amazon verizone wireless android phones for only 1 penny

So, what’s the catch?  New phone purchases at penny prices mean you have to either sign up for a new 2-year contract or extend your existing one.

Check out the full listings available at

If you want to compare all of 2011’s  Android smartphones with the Apple 4S and other phones, check out our groovy ultimate smartphone comparison chart.

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