Reader Poll: Which Music Streaming Service Do You Use?

With all of the awesome technology to consume music online today, what we want to know is…Which music streaming service do you use? Take a second to let us know in our Reader Poll.

As music streaming services and technology continue to develop, there’s almost no need to download and manage a large MP3 collection anymore. While personal music collections will never go away completely, getting your favorite music from a streaming service is easier than ever.

But not every streaming service fits all. A lot of it depends on the bands and artists that are available, the features it provides and of course the price for subscribing. Popular services like MOG, Spotify and Grooveshark offer mobile apps, the ability to create and playlists, create your own radio stations and several other groovy features.

If you do prefer to manage your own music collection, the big players like Amazon, Google and Apple let you upload your music collection and stream it later on a variety of platforms and devices. Even Microsoft has its hooks in streaming music technology with Zune Music Pass – now called Xbox Music in Windows 8.

With all of the awesome technology to consume music online today, what we want to know is…Which music streaming service do you use?

Take a minute to cast your vote and leave a comment. If your method of consuming music isn’t listed, let us know that too. We’ll have the results next week!




  1. Brian Burgess

    My favorite service by far now is MOG. I love its high quality streaming and ability to create playlists on the web and on my iOS devices, they’ve done a great job with this service. Plus they have they music I dig,

    • Steve Krause

      Never tried MOG yet but I will once I get some time to get everything rolling for sure.

    • ShockerSH

      Is MOG free?

      • Brian Burgess

        MOG offers a free 14 day trial, then plans start at $4.99 a month. You can rewind, Go back… make playlists, do whatever really. But, to get mobile app support you will have to pay $9.99/month, which in my opinion isn’t bad considering how well the service works.

        Pandora is alright for listening to radio in the background — after you “train” it to play what you want.

        But MOG has the exact same feature and you can have it just play the band you want only, to similar band and anywhere in between. It has a neat slider that lets you control how much is the same band and how much is similar.

        Plus, it runs on RokU — now if only there were an Xbox 360 app and an Apple TV one…but of course I just use AirPlay on my iPad or iPod touch and pump it through my home theater system.

        Ok…enough pimping of MOG…but I really love it.

        • Steve Krause

          Would be great if it was free for Xbox live subscribers. Kind of like an amazon prime service.

    • Mike Rothman

      Haven’t tried Mog, Brian, but on your recommendation I think I will. Thanks.

  2. Steve Krause

    For me it’s all about Pandora. When I get home from work and the kids arrive we flip on an artist we (ok fine… I like) and we listen to it via Sonos through dinner.

    Pandora for the win. It’s easy and always plays what I love.

    I used to be a big Rhapsody fan however I’m not a fan of the monthly fee.

    • ShockerSH

      I’ve never liked Pandora. I like to rewind music sometimes and you can’t do that with Pandora. I think it might be cool for a party but otherwise it drives me crazy.

      • Steve Krause

        At first that was a little annoying however Pandora is great for two reasons. First, the music obviously. Second, it helps me discover new artists I never even knew existed… Great stuff especially when I’m writing.

    • Mike Rothman

      Pandora is my go-to choice when I want to listen to “radio” stations I’ve built. It also works great over my streamed Logitech sound system. Great service.

  3. ShockerSH

    Rhapsody — it works awesome and it has anything I could ever want.

    • Mike Rothman

      I used Rhapsody for some years but found it to be glitchy on my desktop, so moved on. Glad to hear that it is still meeting your needs. You might check out Spotify sometime, it is really cool.

      • Steve Krause

        Yeah I played it. Not bad but moved to Pandora…

      • Brian Burgess

        I actually had access to Spotify years ago before it was available in the US and it was an incredible service, since then however, I think it’s become kind of bloated and trying to do too many things at once. Years back though, it was good stuff. Granted, I haven’t used it in a while…perhaps I should revisit it?
        MOG is so incredible IMO though.

  4. Bogdan Bele

    Google Music, probably. I like it because I get to listen to my own stuff on my Android device.
    But I’m not really a streaming music services fan. Used to love Last.fm back in the day, as a way to discover new music. With time, I’ll probably start using one constantly, though. And MOG seems like a pretty good option.

    • Mike Rothman

      Bogdan, agreed about Google Music. Love it on my HTC One X, a great way to listen to my collection.

  5. Mike Rothman

    I’ve tried a number of these and my favorite is Spotify. It has a great library and its streaming service is amazing. Songs just start playing even at high quality bitrates, as if they are on your local machine. It also has web based playlists which means that your playlists are available everywhere you use the service, unlike the old Zune software.

    • Steve Krause

      Mike, do you have the free account or paid?

      • Mike Rothman

        I went ahead and purchased the plan that is $10 per month. I feel good enough about this service that I definitely want to support them. The paid plan includes a number of advantages including being ad-free, high streaming bitrate, and iPhone and Android apps.

        • Brian Burgess

          Yup! I really like MOG cuz of the high quality bit rate, I think it’s the highest one out there. Plus the interface is spectacular on the iPad…and every other platform as well…very intuitive.

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