Microsoft is Killing the Groove Music App for Android and iOS

Groove Music Pass was first on the chopping block, now the Groove Music app for Android and iOS will be retired by the end of this year.

Microsoft recently announced that it is retiring its Groove Music app on Android and iOS. Earlier this year, Microsoft killed off its streaming music service but promised the Groove Music app would continue to be supported. While that still holds true for Windows 10 users, it will no longer be the case for the two mobile platforms. Currently, the app is no longer available to download for either platform. And Microsoft says the app be officially retired on December 1, 2018. After that, the app will no longer work, and it’s recommended you uninstall it.

Microsoft Retiring Groove Music for Mobile

You’ll no longer be able to use the app to play your audio files stored on OneDrive — which was also a nice benefit of the app. However, the company did say you can still play those stored files with other apps that can access them. According to Microsoft’s FAQ page: “You can access OneDrive online or through the OneDrive app on any supported device. To keep playing your music and playlists in Groove, use the Windows 10 Groove Music apps on PC, Xbox, or Windows Phone.” If you’re a long-time user of the app, though, you won’t get the same experience with album art and music controls.

Groove Music App Android

I was one of the few who actually subscribed to Microsoft’s Groove Music Pass streaming service and was happy to see it become available on both mobile platforms. It allowed me to manage playlists on my main PC and sync the music with my other devices. When the company retired Groove Music Pass, it offered an easy way to move your music to Spotify, and that’s what I’ve been using since. And I do still use Groove to play FLAC files on Windows 10 that are stored on OneDrive.

Like seeing Microsoft technologies that died last year as an enthusiast, it’s sad to see this project deprecated. But Groove never saw much adoption by Windows 10 users or anywhere else. So, I doubt the Groove Music on Android and iOS will be missed. And I do worry about the future of the app on Windows 10 moving forward.



  1. Haro

    June 6, 2018 at 9:13 am

    I have read Microsoft’s and your article over and over and by golly I’m left puzzled (nothing new with some changes with MS.) Is “Google Music Pass” for iOS and Android in essence the same as “Grove Music” which came installed with my Windows 10 1509? I did not acquire Google Music from the MS app store. The Groove Music I use on my PC is “free.”

    Grove Music Pass: Smart Phones
    Groove Music on my computer: (also being discontinued?)

    Thanks so much!

  2. Zune

    June 18, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    Windows Media Player Classic, Zune, Groove, Xbox Media Player, Movies and TV, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player windows 11 edition. Microsoft meeting: “were not seeing alot of traction with our music platform”. Guy at meeting: “which one?” Answer: “media player”. Guy at meeting: “which one?” Answer: “The new one” Guy at meeting: “theres a new one?” Answer: Yes, but it’s only available on Windows 11, Build 458D5. Guy at meeting: “Right, got it, new media player windows 11 edition”. Answer: “No, it’s now discontinued” Guy at meeting: Blinks eyes with a blank stare.

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