Windows 10 Tip: Stream Groove Music to Chromecast

We showed how to stream Spotify to the new Chromecast a few weeks ago, and this time we’ll look at using Groove Music in Windows 10 as a makeshift Sonos.

Groove Music is the new music app that’s built into Windows 10. You can use it to play music from your own local collection, from music uploaded to OneDrive, and you can subscribe to its streaming service.

Casting Groove Music Chromecast TV

Here I’m streaming Groove Music to my TV via Chromecast

If you want to stream music from your Windows 10 device in the living room, you might think you need to purchase an Xbox One or 360. But if you have no interest in gaming or spending hundreds of dollars, you can spend much less and get a Chromecast.

We looked at how to stream Spotify to the new Chromecast a few weeks ago, and now we’ll take a look at doing the same thing with Groove Music in Windows 10.

Note that this will work with the new Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and the first generation dongle. Also, you don’t need a Groove Music streaming subscription to play your music back from OneDrive.

Stream Groove Music to Google Chromecast

You’ll need to install the Chrome browser on your Windows 10 device. Then install the Google Cast extension. After that, head to the Groove Music Web Player and start playing your music. Then use the Cast extension to select the Chromecast you want to stream your music to.

cast to Chromecast

Tip: At times I’ve had issues getting the Groove Music player to load up correctly in Chrome. To solve the problem, go to your extensions and set Google Cast to work in incognito mode.

Allow in incognito

Then launch Chrome in incognito mode and it should work fine.


If you are a fan of Groove Music in Windows 10 and are looking for an affordable way to stream it around your home, getting a couple of $35 Chromecast’s might be the way to go. In fact, you can create a “poor man’s” Sonos system using Groove Music and a couple of the new Chromecast Audio devices plugged into a couple of speakers around your house.



  1. Gil Ramsey

    Thanks so much Brian!! I have a couple of Google Chromecast Audio’s and wanted to get my music from Windows 10 to cast to them. I tried this and it works fine. If you would also build this into the app to support Chromecast that would be great. Thanks so much.

    Gil Ramsey

  2. Lloyd Sheen

    Ok I go to the Groove web app and of course nothing shows. I use the desktop app and all my music is there. So basically this does not help

  3. Diane Hibble

    fab – read a couple of other ‘help’ pages and they both said I can’t cast my groove player… Well, You said I can, so I did it – it works , thank you

  4. Lloyd Sheen

    still doesn’t work. No amount of web hints will make it work. I added songs to the win10 app. They don’t show in the web app. I’m not uploading all my music to OneDrive so this app is still useless.

  5. fred berg

    Found help article and,commentary guidance to be instructive and, lending to adapting other methods.

  6. georgert

    Did everything you said, but didn’t work. The cast tab says its casting but audio is still coming out of laptop, not through the receiver with Chromecast dongle.

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