Whole House Audio with Google Home Multi Room Playback

If you own more than one Google Home, you can play the same music to multiple speakers at once.

Earlier,  Brian covered how to set up multiroom audio with your Amazon Echo devices, and I was like, “Hey, what about Google Home?” Turns out creating a poor man’s Sonos with Google Home devices is just as easy as with Echo and Echo Dot devices.  To play the same music to multiple Google Homes, you simply create a group and then tell Google to play music to the group. Here are the details:

Play the Same Song on More than One Google Home

First, make sure you have more than one Google Home device set up, linked to your account, and connected to the same network. Next, launch the Google Home app on your phone.

Select the hamburger menu in the top-left then go down and tap Devices.

Tap the more menu (the three dots: “…”) on the card for one of your devices. Tap Create group.

Give your group a name and put a check mark next to each speaker you want in your group. I added all my speakers to the group and very cleverly called it “All Speakers.” Tap Save when you’re done.

Now, you should be able to say “OK, Google, play the <name a song> on All Speakers!” and it will play on all the speakers in the group.

Unfortunately, you can’t add Chromecast devices to a group yet. This is in contrast to AirPlay, which can indeed play to multiple AirPlay devices, including Apple TVs, at once.

Did you get multiroom audio to work on Google Home? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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