How to Rename Your Xbox One Console

Renaming your Xbox One is a simple thing to do, and is a good idea to do if you have more than one Xbox One console in your home or office.

When you buy an Xbox One, the standard default name is typically something like: Xbox-SystemOS. If you have two or more Xbox One consoles or just want to make the one you have unique, you can change its name, and the process is simple.

That’s like default email signatures from mobile devices like Sent from iPhone or Sent from my Windows Phone — it’s boring and generic.

Change Xbox One Name

To change the name to whatever you want, fire up your Xbox One, sign in, and head to Settings > System and then select Name under the System list.

Xbox One Settings

That brings up the following screen where you can enter in a new name for your console. This is a place where using our tip on connecting a keyboard to Xbox One or using the SmartGlass app comes in handy. Nothing is more annoying than wasting time, hunting and pecking, with an on-screen keyboard.

rename xbox one

After you’re done, a restart will be required to complete the renaming…and that’s it!


Now when you open Network on a Windows PC, you’ll see your Xbox listed with the name you gave it.

This is simple to do, and is a good feature to have if you have more than one Xbox One console in your home or office.




  1. Al

    Anyone else have the problem where the new name is always in CAPITALS? I cant even change it back to the default of XboxOne, it says now XBOXONE. The other console on the network shows up with mixed case, as its never been changed.

    Any ideas? I know its a minor issue, but its aesthetic issues like this that bug me a lot personally.

    • Kevin


      I too have the same issue. I can’t stand the all caps, especially when the original name was in varied upper and lower case letters. This definitely seems like a bug, but it’s annoying!

  2. Neeta Panchal

    Unlike the Xbox 360 wireless controller, which required a separate dongle for PC use, all you need to use the connecting xbox one controller to pc is a standard Micro-USB cable.

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