Official Microsoft Office 2013 Icon Pack

Looking for the official icons from the New Microsoft Office Consumer Preview? Look no further, we have them all for ya, ready to go in a groovy-little-bun!

The new Microsoft Office Customer Preview (formerly code-named Office 15) comes packed with new icons for the Office 2013 suite of apps including Word 2013, Excel 2013, Powerpoint 2013, Outlook 2013. Here are the full-size versions of all of them.

Below you can download them as images in PNG format, or if you’re looking for the ICO files we have those as well.

Download as PNG image files (256 x 256 pixels)

Download the pack as .ico files

Or just snag them from below:

Microsoft Word 2013 IconMicrosoft Powerpoint 2013 IconMicrosoft Excel 2013 IconMicrosoft Outlook 2013 iconMicrosoft Publisher 2013 IconMicrosoft OneNote 2013 iconMicrosoft Access 2013 iconMicrosoft Lync 2013 iconMicrosoft InfoPath 2013 iconMicrosoft Project 2013 iconMicrosoft Visio 2013 iconMicrosoft Groove 2013 icon

Microsoft Office 2013 Logo icon



  1. Steve Krause

    Hmm… not sure about these new icons. It’s quite the leap from the traditional icons and branding…. Can’t say I agree 100% with the new look. What do you guys think?

  2. The Dev

    Personally I’m a fan, they remind me a lot of the metro interface, and considering that’s mainly were MSFT is heading, I really have nothing against them.

  3. Andrew

    The Outlook one is doing my head in…. I keep looking for a yellow icon on my taskbar but its just not there anymore!

  4. Kyli Rouge

    Do you have the 16px versions?

  5. AhmedIG

    What is the license type of these icons? Are they free to be used for commercial apps?

  6. Louise

    Do you have the logo for Windows 7 also??

    thank you.

  7. Virginia

    hey! any way I can install them in one of the back files so they appear automatically on my pane?

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