How to Install Wallpaper Themes in Windows 10

I don’t spend much time looking at the Windows desktop, but it’s nice to have a beautiful wallpaper to look at every now and then.

I don’t spend much time looking at the Windows desktop, but it’s nice to have a beautiful wallpaper to look at now and then. With the introduction of Windows 7, Microsoft added a wallpaper theme option to Personalization settings. This feature became a big part of promoting Windows 7 for a while and even had a weekly wallpaper showcase on the official Windows Blog. Since the release of Windows 8, the feature has been minimized, but it’s still available and easy to setup. Let’s take a look.

Download and Install a Wallpaper Theme in Windows 10

Click Start > Settings > Personalization, select the Themes tab then click Themes settings.

Themes 1

This will launch the classic themes personalization interface. If you were previously using themes in older versions of Windows, you will find all your existing themes along with default themes bundled with Windows 10. To download additional themes, click the Get more themes online link.

Themes 2

The personalization gallery features a collection of wallpaper themes for different occasions; some of these include, animals, natural wonders, landscapes and panoramas for wide screen monitors.

Themes 3

When you find a theme of your liking, click the Download link then click Save.

Themes 4

Double-click the theme file to expand and install it.

Themes 5

The theme will be added to the Personalization Gallery where you can further customize it by choosing a color or remove wallpaper from the slideshow.

Themes 6

One noticeable change to themes in Personalization is how you create and share them. You can now do this by first organizing wallpapers into separate folders. In Personalization setting, click Backgrounds > click Browse under Choose albums for your slideshow, select the folder containing your wallpapers.

Themes 7

Return to the classic Personalization window, right click the unsaved theme then click Save Theme for sharing.

Themes 8

Give it a name then click Save.

Themes 9

Windows 10 has introduced new background personalization options too. The Windows Spotlight feature adds a new experience to your lock screen dynamically. Some of the pictures are stunning, but Microsoft has not made it easy to save them. Check out our previous article for instructions how to find and keep Windows Spotlight backgrounds. Did you like personalizing your Windows desktop or you prefer keeping things plain vanilla? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Anne Edwards  

    Can you use your photos as a slide show on the screen in Windows 10 I can’t seem to work it out. Than you

    • Yes, you can. Click Start > Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > click in the Background list box, then click Slide show.

      • Jan  

        Great! Thanks, Andre. This will go far towards reconciling me to Windows 10 when it becomes unavoidable. Hopefully, by then there will be a more colorful version of Word, as well.

  2. Jan  

    That’s what I’m hoping to be able to do, too, Anne. In fact, being able to have a slideshow of any photos I wish as my desktop background is one of the main things that made me decide to keep Win 7 until the last bitter moment (i.e., 2020).

  3. J Kelly  

    I have been a Win 7 user forever and am slowly adjusting to Win10. Having just bought a new laptop using 10, I purchased Office 2016 Home and Student. I find it very bland. Is there a way to change the appearance in that software so that it has a bit more contrast and dimensional look? Thanks!

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