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How To Enable the Netflix Facebook Sharing Integration

Last week Netflix announced it was rolling out Facebook social integration for U.S. subscribers. If you’d like to share what you’re watching and see what your friends are watching, here’s how to enable it.

Netflix began rolling out the feature to subscribers last week, and you should have the feature by now. Log in to your Netflix account and scroll down the lists of shows, and you should see the following Share with Facebook message. If you don’t see it, log out and back in to your account.

Connect Message

After clicking it, you’ll see two new rows that list what your Facebook friends favorites and what they’ve recent watched. By default, the sharing only happens on Netflix.

Sharing Rows

To change the sharing settings, click on Your Account, and under Preferences, click Social Settings.

Social Settings

There you can turn off sharing. And the other option will automatically post what you watch on your Facebook timeline – similar to sharing what you listen to on Spotify or MOG.

Social Sharing Settings

This allows you to get recommendations from your friends on what to watch on Netflix. Some people might find this useful, on the other hand, if you are watching episodes of Glee, you might not want to share that with everyone. 🙂

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