How to Download Shows on Max

If you are an Max subscriber and want to take content with you on the go, you can download shows on Max for offline use.

Max, formerly HBO Max, includes a lot of premium content you can binge and enjoy on the streaming service. It’s available for virtually all devices where streaming services reside. And you might want to download shows on Max for offline viewing.

Like other streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Paramount Plus, you can download content to watch while traveling or know the Wi-Fi will be shoddy.

If you have an ad-free subscription to Max, you can download movies and shows from HBO, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Discovery, and more. Here’s how to download them to your phone or tablet.

How to Download Shows on Max

With Max, you can download individual episodes of a series, (most) movies, or complete seasons of your favorite programs. Downloading content is straightforward enough, but there are some caveats that we’ll point out.

Note: You must have the Ad-free $15.99 monthly subscription plan for 30 simultaneous downloads. Or,you need to subscribe to the Ultimate Ad-free plan which allows 100 downloads. The cheaper limited-ad plan for $9.99 per month doesn’t allow downloading content.

The following screenshots are from the iPhone app, but the steps are the same in the Max app, regardless of the mobile platform. To download shows on Max, follow these steps.

  1. Install the Max app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Launch the app and sign in with your HBO Max account credentials.
  3. Search or navigate to the movie or show you want to download and tap the Download icon next to the show’s episode you want.
  4. When done, the app will display a Download Complete icon with a checkmark next to the downloaded show.Download Shows on Max
  5. To download a complete series, navigate to the show’s main title screen and tap the Download icon.
  6. After successful downloads, you will find your content by clicking the Downloads icon on the app’s bottom toolbar.
  7. From the Downloads section, you can sort through your downloaded shows Max
  8. Tap on a show or movie from your list to begin watching it on your device while offline.
  9. To delete a download, tap the show from the Downloads list and tap the Edit button.
  10. Tap the X icon next to episode you want to remove. Also, note that the app will display the current amount of storage space on your device which is helpful in determining what to delete.downloads max

It’s important to mention that downloads will last 30 days. However, once you begin viewing a downloaded show or movie, you have 48 hours to finish watching it. After 48 hours, you must renew or delete it from your device.

Also, downloads will be saved to your phone or tablet’s internal storage. Unfortunately, downloaded content can’t be saved to an SD card or other external storage, which is unfortunate for older Android devices.

In addition, copies of the content can be available on up to five devices using the same profile. And if you want to load up your phone, you can have up to 30 downloads at a time across devices.

How to Change Download Quality on Max

Max provides your device with the highest video quality downloads by default. However, you can change the download quality if you need to save space or want faster downloads. And you can manage the download quality directly from the Downloads section.

To change download quality on Max, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Max app and tap the Settings icon above your user name.

Download Shows on Max

  1. Under the Download Settings section, select the Video Quality option.

  1. Choose the quality you want to use. Note the Good setting uses the least data and provides faster downloads but the Best option gives you higher video quality content.

  1. Also, when you select Settings from the Downloads section you can set your device to download content over Wi-Fi only. Toggle off the Download over Cellular switch. This setting is helpful if you are on a limited data plan.

Download Content for Offline Use

If you are an Max ad-free subscriber and are in a situation where you can’t stream movies and shows, use the above steps to download content ahead of time. Getting a collection of shows beforehand allows you to enjoy streaming entertainment from the direct-to-consumer service.

If you are new to the service, learn how to use parental controls on Max. Or, if you only subscribed to the service for a specific show, like House of the Dragon, you might want to cancel Max for a while.

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