How to Create a Playlist on Spotify

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Don’t hunt for songs individually, you can create a playlist on Spotify for easy access to your music and an enjoyable listening experience.

Creating a playlist of your favorite songs is a feature all streaming music services allow you to do. Spotify is no exception, and here we’ll look at how to create a playlist on Spotify.

For example, you can use Spotify Blend to create a shared playlist, or it’s possible to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify. But you can create one for specific songs, moods, curiosity, and more, which we’ll show you how to do.

Spotify is available on different platforms like desktop, web, and mobile. Therefore, we’ll look at how to create your custom music playlist on the desktop or your phone.

Creating a playlist on each platform is straightforward, but the steps vary slightly. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a playlist on Spotify for the desktop or web. We’ll also explain how to do so on your phone or tablet.

Create a Spotify Playlist on the Desktop or Web

As noted, creating a playlist on the desktop is quick and easy on the desktop app or web version of Spotify.

  1. Launch the Spotify desktop app or launch a browser and go to and sign in if you aren’t already.
  2. Type in the song, artist, or album to search for the music you want to create a playlist music on Spotify
  3. Click the artist or the popular song you want to add to a playlist. If you find a popular song, you can create a playlist from it.choose band or artist
  4. If you dig one of the popular songs, click the three-dot button next to it and select the Add to playlist option from the menu that appears.add song to Spotify playlist
  5. When you hover over the Add to playlist option, click Create playlist from the context menu.create a playlist spotify
  6. The song you selected will be added as a playlist in the left column of Spotify — click it to edit the playlist.choose song by playlist
  7. Click the three-dot icon under the song.three-dot menu icon on spotify
  8. Select Edit details from the menu that appears.edit details spotify playlist
  9. Now, you can go through and rename the playlist, add details, and even change the playlist picture.edit playlist details change picture add notes Spotify
  10. Once you’re done editing the playlist, click the Save button.
  11. When you find other tracks to add to the playlist, click the three-dot button and choose Add to playlist > ‘playlist’ — the one you just created or another playlist you want to add the track to.add song to created playlist on spotify
  12. If you want to create a playlist from scratch, right-click the menu button in the left column and select Create playlist. Once it’s created, you can edit it using the above steps and add tracks to it.create playlist spotify from scratch

Once you create a playlist, you’ll have all your favorite songs at the ready. You just need to select the playlist, and it will start playing. And if you get tired of a playlist and want it gone, you can delete the playlist. Also, if you remove an essential playlist by accident, the good news is you can recover playlists on Spotify on the web version of Spotify for up to 90-days of initial deletion.

Create Playlists on Spotify on Your Phone

If you are out and about or use your phone or tablet most of the time, you can create playlists on mobile devices from the Spotify app. Here’s how.

  1. Sign in to the Spotify app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.launch Spotify on mobile device
  2. Tap the Your Library icon from the bottom of the screen.your library button Spotify app
  3. Next, tap the “+” (plus) icon in the top right corner of the app.add songs to playlist spotify mobile
  4. Tap the Playlist option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.playlist option mobile app
  5. Type in a name for your playlist and tap the Create button when you’re playlist on spotify
  6. Tap the Add to this playlist button to add songs to it.add to playlist button spotify mobile app
  7. Tap the “+” icon to add suggested songs to the playlist, or type the tracks you want in the Search field at the popular suggested songs from artist
  8. If you search for music, tap the “+” button next to the suggested popular songs or scroll down and select an album and tap the plus button next to the songs you want to for song or artist on spotify for playlist
  9. To find your created playlist, select Your Library > Playlists. You can scroll through the list and find all your created playlists, and your Liked Songs will also be listed on the list.find created playlist on spotify mobile app

Creating Playlists on Spotify

Creating your own custom playlists on Spotify is straightforward, and multiple ways exist to create them on the desktop, phone, or tablet. Finding songs individually to play is tedious on Spotify or any music service.

Creating your own playlists makes your favorite music much easier to access. Once you create playlists, you can add songs to them later. You can choose by genre, bands, albums, moods, and more to make your music listening an enjoyable experience.

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