How to Disable the Microsoft Office Live Preview Feature

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If you’re switching to Microsoft Office 2007 or higher from an older version you might be annoyed by its new Live Preview feature. Here’s how to disable it.

When Microsoft launched Office 2007, it added a new feature called Live Preview. It allows you to hover over different formatting options in your documents to see how they will look. If you’re moving from an older version of Office, you might find this feature disorientating and annoying. Luckily it’s easy to disable.

Note: This feature also works with all apps in the Microsoft 365 Office suite. Turning it off works the same way as previous versions.

Live Preview Feature

Disable Live Preview in Office

Click File > Options and under the General button uncheck “Enable Live Preview” — here you can also disable the Mini Toolbar if you don’t like it either.

Live Preview

In Office 2007: Click the Office button and go to Options. Then select Popular in the left column and uncheck Enable Live Preview.

Personally, I find the Live Preview feature to be quite helpful, especially in Word. But if you need time to get used to it or simply don’t like it, it’s easy enough to disable.

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