How to Create Desktop Shortcut to Favorites in Windows 7 and 8

The Windows, the Favorites folder normally contains shortcut links to your Desktop, Downloads and Recent places folder. A lot of people add other folders they use often to Favorites so it’s easier to access. Here’s how to create a desktop shortcut to access Favorites from the desktop.

Favorites Shortcut 4

Right click on your desktop and go to New >> Shortcut.

Favorites Shortcut 1

Now paste the following in the location field and click Next.

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{323CA680-C24D-4099-B94D-446DD2D7249E}

Favorites Shortcut 2

No name the shortcut as Favorites and click Finish.

Favorites Shortcut 3

If you want to change the shortcut icon, right click on it and select Properties.

Favorites Shortcut 5

Then click the Change Icon button under the Shortcut tab.

Favorites Shortcut 6

Select and icon you want to use or browse to the location of a custom icon and click OK.

Favorites Shortcut 7

You can also pin it the Taskbar for easy access.

Or in Windows 8, you can pin the icon to the Start screen.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bryan  

    This is the only explanation I’ve found that works to get a icon linked to Favorites pinned to the taskbar. This works in Windows 8.1 also.


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