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X3 With John C. Dvorak: Steve Jobs Biography Released

X3 with host John C. Dvorak. Andrew Eisner of and Joseph Engo, IT pro, as usual cohost this intense, rowdy and shortform videocast. It appears regularly here at groovyPost. John, Andrew, and Joe talk about the release of the official biography of Steve Jobs. They talk about some people that were interestingly not at the […]

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Steve Jobs: Tag Cloud Tribute

This amazing graphic comes courtesy of Paul Kedrosky, who built it based on Neil Kodner’s impressive analysis using Chrome dev tools. These, according to the analysis, are the words emailers most used when describing the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs for Apple’s Jobs tribute page. Image Credit: Paul Kedrosky  

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Steve Jobs: On Poet Dylan Thomas

This Dylan Thomas poem was a Jobs favorite. Thanks for raging, Steve. By Dylan Thomas Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had […]

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Apple iPod: Ten Year Anniversary

October 23 marks 10 years since the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPod in 2001. It wasn’t the first MP3 player, but it was the first to take the world by storm. Even if it did cost $399 and only work with Macs at first. Read the original Apple press release here. “What […]

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Apple iPhone 4S: The Last Steve Jobs Hurrah

SAN FRANCISCO – Even a week after his death at 56 — Apple chief Steve Jobs surprises. Always the showman, his last product — an iteration on the current iPhone 4 announced and widely panned a day before he died — ends up wowing. Even in the absence of a major architectural upgrade in the […]

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Bob Dylan Live

Steve Jobs: The Bob Dylan Influence

As Wozniak and Jobs have often said, Jobs was a huge, just a huge, Bob Dylan fan. The Beatles, Wozniak told me, came in as a close-second for the music-loving pair. Early Apple boards were in design in Jobs’ kitchen with a copious amount of Dylan and the Beatles playing in the background. Polythene Pam? […]

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Steve Jobs: Rare Video Footage

Our team’s been culling the web to find the rarest Steve Jobs footage available. Here’s our collection of the most evocative and inside Jobs video online today. It’s growing daily. Here is Steve Jobs in an interview just before his 1998 return to Apple. Jobs, who co-founded Apple with inventor Steve Wozniak, was ousted in […]

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Steve Jobs Memorial: Apple Service On Track for October 19

Apple, the company Steve Jobs co-founded in 1976 with fellow computer hobbyist and engineer Steve Wozniak, will hold its official event honoring the life and achievements of its chief and uber evangelist.. Steve Jobs, 56, died Wednesday after a battle with a rare pancreatic cancer. A bit of trivia. At Apple, Jobs is recorded as […]

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Steve Jobs Shadow Tribute

Steve Jobs: Impromptu Apple Fan Art Goes Viral

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Mak Mourning the late Apple cop-founder Steve Jobs, Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak, 18, created the above art and posted it online. It swept the globe — churning globally online even this writing. It in fact is arresting. Look closely. The minimalist artist hid two symbolic images. Can you see them? […]

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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Steve Jobs: Steve Wozniak Remembers

Steve Wozniak, the inventor who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976, was relieved that Jobs finally stepped down from day-to-day responsibilities as Apple CEO last month, he told me. “Steve needs to take some Steve time.” Photo Courtesy: Margaret Wozniak Here’s a story he told me about Steve Jobs back in the day. The […]

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