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Tipping Point

Groovy Gaming News and Deals

Ubisoft hasn’t said a word about its once widely expected  I Am Alive plans for a good year or more now. Despite amazing trailers it showed for the game in 2009, the game’s been in development for way too long. Most gamers figured Ubisoft killed it. But no! Today, maker UbiSoft announced plans to roll […]

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Friday Fun: Team Fortress 2 is now Free to Play

Over the last few Friday Fun groovyPost’s, we’ve mentioned a few old-school gaming articles, like the Android Nintendo 64 Emulator, our ZSNES article and our tutorial guide to playing old-school DOS games on a Vista or Windows 7 computer. Well if old-schoolin it isn’t your thing, today I’ll explain how-to get a free copy of […]

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Friday Fun: Use Chrome to Create Fake Screen Captures

Oh, hey dudes check out this totally groovy tweet that President Obama put out this week: Word. Nice to get some recognition for once. Okay, just kidding. That’s totally not real, nor do I think there is such thing as a presidential bookmark. Just having a little bit of Friday fun with Google’s Inspect Element […]

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Friday Fun – Old-school Flashback Edition: Virtual Gaming that Precedes the Wii and Xbox Kinect By More Than 10 Years

Nintendo, Microsoft, and now even Sony are all investing heavily into the virtual-motion gaming market.  But, is this technology really something new?  The concept certainly isn’t.  Over 10 years ago the first successful virtual-gaming interface was created for a television show that aired on Nickelodeon.  The system didn’t require any controllers or peripherals, but it […]

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