11 Groovy Tech Easter Eggs

This weekend, check out some of these hidden just-for-fun features in your favorite apps.

Developers like to hide inside jokes, tributes, and throwbacks into operating systems, applications, and websites. We call these hidden just-for-fun features “Easter eggs,” and over the years, we’ve uncovered a few. So, this weekend, why not celebrate the lighter side of tech by hunting down some of these oldies but goodies.

Pacman Google Doodle

  1. Unlock the Secret Cat Collecting Easter Egg in Android 7.0 Nougat
  2. Spend All Afternoon Finding Infinite Alexa Easter Eggs
  3. Fun Firefox Tricks You Might Not Know About
  4. Google Easter Egg: Do a Barrel Roll
  5. Bing Tip: Play Nostalgic Games Snake and Pong
  6. Find Hidden Windows Phone 8.1 USB Settings
  7. Go Back to Web 1.0 by Googling “Google in 1998”
  8. Pacman Becomes A Permanent Google Resident
  9. Real-time Chatting with an Alien from Mars!
  10. Make Alexa Have a Celebrity Wake You Up in the Morning
  11. How to Enable this Hidden Built-in iOS Emoticon Keyboard

Chat with a Martian

Got a favorite Easter egg? Please share with the rest of us in the comments!

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