Friday Fun: 4 Bizarre Old School PC Games on Internet Archive

Some games are instant classics. Others leave you scratching your head.

Andre recently wrote up a post on old school Apple and Windows operating system emulators on the Internet Archive. While exploring the vast treasure trove of ancient applications and games, I stumbled across a number of nostalgia-worthy games, like The Oregon Trail, Sim Ant, Castle of Dr. Brain, Bubble Bobble, and Conquests of the Long Bow: The Legend of Robin Hood. These games defined a major part of my childhood—it almost makes me want to break my leg or something so I can sit around all summer replaying them.

But amongst all those gems were some real headscratchers. And I’m not even talking about the super weird “adult” games. I’m talking about these ones from the “how did this get made?” reel. I think the titles speak for themselves:

Election ’92

Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

Preppie! II

Revenge of the Mutant Camels

Did I just unwittingly disparage one of your childhood favorites? If so, I deeply apologize, and please feel free to defend its honor in the comments.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Never heard of any of them … and I think that’s a good thing! :D

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