Friday Fun: Play Super Mario with Bizarre Physics in Jelly Mario

Think you know how to play Super Mario? This surreal online version will have you second guessing that assumption, but’s it’s a lot of fun.

It’s Friday and time to have a little fun online while waiting for the whistle to blow and the weekend to start! Today we have a free and fun game for you to check out from one of the most popular video game franchises ever — Super Mario! From the original arcade versions to Mario Kart and every other version since – the Mario franchise is a global phenomenon.

There have been hundreds of different online renditions of the game, each offering a unique spin on the game and, of course, have varying levels of quality. But today, we take a look at a very interesting version, where to play, you need to throw physics out the window. Instead of being the tightly controlled side scrolling game you’re used to, this version upends the traditional gameplay by messing with the physics of the original.

The entire Mario environment has strang “jelly-like” physics. Running into pipes makes them bend and stretch in a surreal way.

What really makes the game stand out is that the entire world is built around the same bizarre “jelly-like” physics. Not only does the Mario character move and float around like a jellyfish, the entire world has similar properties. The accompanying music is equally surreal as well. Currently, the game is in early development and it consists of the first two levels of the original Super Mario game. You play the game by using your arrow keys on the keyboard — it takes a bit to get used to Mario’s motion.

You can see a short preview below of Jelly Mario in action which was tweeted out by its Sweedish creator:

Since it’s Friday, take a few minutes away from the spreadsheets and TPS reports and check out Jelly Mario. The entire experience is surreal and bizarre, and it will change the way you ever thought the classic game could be done before. Have fun and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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