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Windows 10: New Features In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s new browser is no longer going by the code name: Project Spartan, and in Windows 10 build 10158, it’s now branded as Microsoft Edge. New features have been added to the browser, and we take a look at them.

Microsoft Edge Browser

This is also the case with the latest Windows Mobile build 10149. These new features in Microsoft Edge are from build 10158, and don’t reflect anything new that might have been added in build 10159 which was released yesterday.

New to Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 build 10158 is the ability to add a Home button. To get it, go to Settings > Advanced Settings and turn on Show the Home button. Here you can also set your homepage.


Microsoft Edge allows you to import bookmarks from other browsers installed on your computer with ease.


Microsoft’s new browser, formerly code named Project Spartan is rebranded to Microsoft Edge.


There are new customizations for the New Tab page. You can have it open with top sites and suggested content, only top websites, or a blank page.


Microsoft Edge now has the ability to remember passwords and form-fill information. This will allow you to manage your passwords for the sites you frequently visit. However, if you’re using a password manager like LastPass, you’ll want to keep this setting turned off.


You can also customize what you see when you first open Microsoft Edge. You can set it to open with Microsoft’s start page, a new tab page, the pages you had open the last time you used it, or type in the page(s) you want to see.


A couple of other new features include the ability to drag and drop tabs to a new window. Audio will continue to play in the background when Edge is minimized, and as you can tell by the screenshots in this gallery, a new Dark theme.

Dark Theme

A lot of these features are what you would expect from any browser. So, while they aren’t new per se, they are new to Microsoft Edge, and that is a good sign that it will be ready to use from launch day.

With the official launch date of Windows 10 less than a month away, Microsoft Edge is starting to shape up nicely.

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