Scan Files and Folders for Malware with Windows 10 Defender

Microsoft recently launched the Windows 10 November Update Version 1511 Build 10586. As we’ve said in previous articles, the update contains several new features that make Windows 10 more stable and complete.

One simple but useful feature is the ability to scan individual files and folders with Windows Defender.

Scan Files in Windows 10 with Windows Defender

Scanning a file with Microsoft’s built-in antivirus utility is simple. Just right-click a file or folder that you’re not sure about and select Scan with Windows Defender from the context menu.

Scan Windows Defender

Windows Defender will open up and begin the scan.

Windows Defender Scanning

When it’s finished hopefully, everything is clean, and no threats are found.

Scan Complete

Windows Defender, by default, does offer real-time protection of your PC. However, this feature is particularly useful if you want to scan something on a removable flash drive (especially not one that’s not your own) or items on a network location.

If you don’t see this option, you don’t have the November Update yet. If you haven’t received it via Windows Update yet and want to get it right away, read our guide on how to manually install the Windows 10 November Update.

Also, if you’re having issues with Windows 10 or just want to discuss the new OS and update more in-depth, join us with our free Windows 10 Forums.

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