How to Watch Free TV with Sling Freestream

Looking to watch free live and on-demand streaming content? Sling has a new rebranded free tier that allows free TV with Sling Freestream. Learn more here.

Most people have a streaming subscription, whether watching movies and shows on Max or binging an entire series on Netflix. However, you can also watch free TV with Sling Freestream.

Free streaming content from Sling isn’t anything new. In 2018 the service allowed you to view free movies and TV. And during the pandemic, Sling offered free TV without requiring a paid subscription.

However, the new rebranded free tier for Sling TV lets you watch over 200 streaming channels and over 40,000 on-demand titles at no cost. The content is ad-supported—you can sign up with or without an account.

If you are ready to get started with streaming live TV, using Sling Freestream is straightforward, and no credit card is required.

Watch Free TV with Sling Freestream with Account

When you create an account with Sling Freestream, you’ll see options unavailable to you when you’re watching it for free. For example, you can set your favorite channels, create watchlists, and access parental controls with an account.

To create an account and watch Sling Freestream:

  1. Launch a browser on your device and go to the Sling Freestream website.
  2. When the page opens, scroll down and click the Create a Free Account button.Free TV with Sling Freestream
  3. Type in your new account’s email address and password, and click the Create a Free Account button.
  4. After creating your free account, click the Start Watching Now button.
  5. The Sling Freestream service will launch—you can start browsing and watching free streaming and on-demand content.
  6. In addition to searching for a specific show, the service allows you to browse content by category and channels.
  7. Select a show and click the More Info icon to add something to your watchlist.Free TV with Sling Freestream
  8. Click the Add to Watchlist button.
  9. A new notification will appear in the top right corner, indicating it was added to your watchlist.
  10. To view the shows you added to your watchlist, select On-Demand > My Watchlist, and your added content will be listed.Free TV with Sling Freestream

How to Add Favorite Channels on Sling Freestream

Another feature of the streaming service is the ability to “favorite” the channels you watch the most. The service also lets you see what’s on by clicking Guide at the top.

To favorite a channel on Sling Freestream, click the heart icon next to the channel’s name in the guide.

Free TV with Sling Freestream

How to Set Parental Controls on Sling Freestream

In addition to managing your favorite content on the service, you can set parental controls to prevent your kids from seeing inappropriate content.

To set parental controls on Sling Freestream:

  1. First, click your account icon in the top-right corner and select Settings.
  2. Choose Content Controls from the list on the left.
  3. Toggle on the Parental Controls switch.Free TV with Sling Freestream
  4. Enter a secure four-digit code twice and click the Create Passcode button.
  5. Select the rating restrictions you want to set for your young ones. You can also restrict mature and unrated news and block rentals and other purchases.Free TV with Sling Freestream

How to Watch Sling Freestream Without an Account

The benefit of creating an account is getting personalized content, device syncing, and parental controls. However, free TV is a few clicks away if you don’t want to sign up and provide an email.

To watch Sling Freestream without an account:

  1. Launch a browser on your PC or mobile device and navigate to the Sling Freestream website.
  2. ­Click the Stream Free button at the top of the page.Free TV with Sling Freestream

Now you can browse the available content and begin watching. Again, there are fewer options when watching without an account, but either way, a credit card isn’t required.

Enjoying Free Streaming TV Options

If you are looking to dip your toes into streaming television or want additional free content, Sling Freestream is an excellent place to start. However, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to access premium content. Sling TV is currently the most affordable live streaming service.

If you are looking to get more live streaming content, subscription-based services are ample. For example, there’s a ton of content on Hulu + Live TV, or go with a familiar name and check out YouTube TV.

Also, if you aren’t looking for live streaming but want to binge popular shows, grab an on-demand service like Apple TV Plus. And if you’re going to keep up with all things Disney, The Simpsons, Nat Geo, Star Wars, and the MCU, it’s never too late to subscribe to Disney Plus.

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