How To Share Files Between Windows and Android Wirelessly

Need to grab a file on your PC to put on your Android device? Now with the latest version of ES File Explorer, you can do it over your WiFi network.

If you need to access a file on your PC and put it on your Android device, you can do it by connecting a USB cable. An example for this would be adding your videos to the Kindle Fire. But if you want an easier way, with the latest version of ES File Explorer (free) you can do it over your WiFi network.

Note: To make the process easier, you might want to create a specific folder on your PC specifically for Android files.

Share Files from Android to Windows Over WiFi

Download and install ES File Explorer to your smartphone or tablet. If you already have it installed, make sure to update to version 3 or higher. For this example I’m using the Nexus 7, but it should be a similar experience across the board for all versions.

Open ES File Explorer and tap Network > LAN.

ES File Explorer

Next you should start seeing the computers that are up and running on your home network. If not, tap the Search button from the menu at the bottom. It will scan your network again and refresh the screen. If you’re not sure which machine you want, check out our guide on how to find your computer’s local IP address.

Select Computer

Just tap on the system you want and sign in with your Windows Username and Password. You can also have it remember your credentials which will make it much easier to log in the next time.

sign in

There you go! Now you can start sharing files to your PC or vice versa.

File Explorer

Tapping the More button brings up an impressive list of features that can used to navigate around and get exactly what you need. This method is SO much easier than having to connect your device to your computer every time you want to transfer a file.

share Files

You can also transfer files between PC and Android with an app like AirDroid. But I recommend using ES File Explorer V3 because it’s powerful and has so many things you can do with it.

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1 Comment

  1. sjhassan

    Thats is so much informative post ….. i didn’t know es file explorer could do that………..but i have a question , will the ES be able to transfer data if my android is connected to wifi to my Computer which is connected to NOT the same internet connection?

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