How to Use Google Nearby Share on Microsoft Windows

Sick of plugging an Android phone into your PC to move files? Check out easy file transfer with Google Nearby Share on Windows 11.

Do you need an easy way to directly transfer files from Android to Windows and vice versa? You can wirelessly move files between platforms using Google Nearby Share on Windows 11.

Google’s Nearby Share feature has been built into Android devices for years. It allows transferring files via a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, including between Android devices and Chromebooks.

And Windows includes its own Nearby Sharing for PCs. But now, Google’s Nearby Share is available for Windows and allows you to transfer pictures, videos, documents, audio files, and entire folders between your devices. So, if you are wondering how to share files between Android and Windows 11, we’ll show you how in this guide.

Google Nearby Share for Windows

Transferring files between Windows and Android hasn’t been a straightforward process. However, moving files between Android and Windows devices is much easier with the Google Nearby Share app for Windows.

The app doesn’t provide the ability to share contacts, photos, and messages from Android like the Phone Link app. But it does make the process of transferring files and folders from your phone to Windows a snap.

How to Set Up Google Nearby Share on Windows 11

Download and install Google’s Nearby Share app on your Windows computer to get the file transfer functionality.

Note: These screenshots are from Windows 11, but the steps will work on Windows 10 just the same.
  1. Open a browser on your PC, head to the Google Nearby Share page, and install the app.Get Started with Google Nearby Share
  2. Click the Sign in button and enter the Google credentials associated with your phone.
    Note: If you don’t want to sign into your Google account, click the Use without an account option.
    sign into Google account
  3. Type in a descriptive and recognizable name for your Windows 11 system.
  4. Select the devices allowed to share files in the Receiving section and uncheck the option to send app usage and crash reports if you don’t want that data sent to Google. When ready, click Done.set up nearby share devices

How to Send Files from Android to Windows 11

Now that the sharing app is installed, you can begin by sharing files from your Android phone to your Windows 11 PC.

To Share Files from Android to Windows 11

  1. Select the file or files from your Android device and tap the Share button. In this example, we’re sending a GIF image from our Android phone.share button Android
  2. Tap Nearby nearby share app android
  3. Select your Windows 11 computer’s name from the list of sharing options.Select PC for Nearby Share
  4. Click Accept to receive the file on your PC. Once you accept the file, you will find it in your default save folder.nearby share from Google Accept Device
  5. The device on your phone will turn green with a checkmark to show that the file was successfully received.choose nearby share device
  6. Tap Done to close out of the Nearby Sharing feature on your phone or tablet.

How to Share Files from Windows 11 to Android

Of course, the sharing functionality works both ways. So, you can send files from your PC to your Android device. Sharing files from Windows to Android is a straightforward process using these steps.

To Share Files from PC to Android

  1. Open the Google Nearby Share app.
  2. Click Select files or Select folders at the bottom.Select files or folders to share
  3. Select the files or folders from the location you want to share and click Open.
    Note: Alternatively, you can drag and drop items from your PC to the Nearby Share app.
    select files to share
  4. Choose the Android device to share to. Note that the files you selected will be displayed in the left device to share to from nearby devices
  5. The Nearby Share window will appear on your phone or tablet, showing the number of files being transferred and the name of the PC it’s coming from.
  6. Tap Accept to complete the transfer.Accept Files via Nearby Share
  7. After the transfer, you’ll see a notification on your Android device showing the files were successfully received. Click View downloads to view the files sent to your phone.nearby share view downloads
  8. When the transfer is complete, you will see a notification on the desktop app showing it was successful.Google Nearby devices

Sharing Between Android and Windows Made Easy

Transferring files between devices may seem daunting, but Google’s Nearby Share app makes sharing files between Android and Windows a cinch. The app is simple to use when sharing a file quickly. For example, it saves the hassle of connecting Android to Windows 11 using the Phone Link feature.

Nearby Share is the most direct way to transfer files from your Android phone or tablet to your Windows 10 or 11 system.

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