How To Remove a Trusted PC From Your Microsoft Account

To sync your Windows 8 settings among your other systems, you need to make your Windows 8 computer a Trusted PC. If you get rid of a computer, or no longer want it on the list, here’s how to remove it.

Remove Trusted PC from Microsoft Account

First log in to your Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Account

Under your Account Summary you’ll see a list of your trusted PCs. Here you can see I have several, to many actually. At the bottom of the list click Edit Security Info.

Edit Security Info

Next you’ll have a list of each of your computers under Trusted PC. Just click the Delete link under the one(s) you want to remove.

Delete PC

You’ll get another screen asking if you’re sure you want to delete it.

Verify Delete

Then a final confirmation letting you know it’s gone.


A Trusted PC allows you to sync settings, data, verify your identity, change billing info, and reset your Microsoft Account password. As Windows 8 continues to develop, I’m hearing you’ll be able to start syncing a lot more between your computers in the future. Including apps and more app settings, customizations, and other settings.
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1 Comment

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